7+ Exotic Black Plants That Add Drama to Your Garden

Helloshabby.com -- Have you ever seen a black plant? Actually, no flower or leaf is completely black. The black or dark color of the plant emerges from the darkest shades of purple, red or burgundy. Thus, it looks so exotic in pitch-black leaves or flowers. 

The black plant will add such a dramatic effect to your garden. Some of these plants can also be grown in containers or pots. So, you can place them on the corner of your house. 

If you want to know the majestic black plant types with picture and names, keep reading for 7+ Exotic Black Plants That Add Drama to Your Garden.

1. Colocasia esculenta (Diamond Head)


Colocasia is a tuber plant with broad leaves shaped like heats or diamonds. This plant is so attractive with its purple-black color. The black color appears from the stem to the leaves. Colocasia esculenta prefers to be planted in outdoor soil. After some rain, the leaves moistened by the rain look so beautiful and dramatic. 

2. Black Pansy 


This flowering plant looks very nice, with dark velvet black petals and a small yellow eye in the middle. The blackish flowers create a stunning contrast with the green of the leaves. This wonderful black pansies are easy to grow. You can expect the flowers appear after five weeks of planting. 

3. Calathea roseopicta 'Dottie'


Calathea roseopicta 'Dottie' is a plant recognized for its leaf shape in a rich dark purple color. What makes it unique are the bright pink marking that appear to be etched on the leaf surface. This plant loves humidity, it is a perfect plant for bathroom or damp garden. 

4. Raven ZZ


You may often find ZZ plants in green. It turns out that there is also a ZZ plant with blackish leaves that looks so exotic. This raven ZZ plant is also known as supernova dollar plant. 

5. Begonia 'Harmony's Dark Matter'


Begonias are increasingly popular as indoor ornamental plants. As the name implies, 'harmony's dark matter', the elongated leaves in a deep burgundy color look harmonious in the pink flowers that grow on them. This plant grows best in part shade. They prefer but not soggy soils. 

6. Alocasia reginula 'Black Velvet'


Alocasia black velvet is much sought after. Because the leaves are so blackish green with leaf streaks in a silvery color. The contrast of dark and light is just right, making this plant so stunning. They prefer to grow in moderate indirect light. 

7. Alocasia 'Bambino'


One more type of alocasia plant you must have. Alocasia bambino looks unique with leaves that are like elongated arrows. The leaves in this dark green color are so beautiful with white-yellowish veins in the middle. They can live both in pots and indoors. Very fitting for indoor plant collections. 

8. Black echeveria


This black plant is a type of succulent plant. The leaves have a variety of patterns and colors, this one has shades of purple and black that are so exotic. The center has a light green color, which contrast with the surrounding black. Black echevaria grows well in full to partial sun. They can also be brought indoors to add drama in your living spaces. 

Yes, there are no completely black plants around the world. Black leaves or flowers emerge from the darkest shades of purple and red. Even so, these black plants can give a dramatic effect to your garden. 

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : cr:instagram/soundsofstars

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