7 Indoors Plant For Low Light, Perfect For Brigtening Up Your Home


 Helloshabby.com -- Some beautiful houseplants can survive and thrive in low light conditions. A room with low light becomes a challenge to have indoors plants. You can choose the type of plants, that can live well in the room, and make the house feel refreshing.

Here are, 7 indoors plant for low light perfect for brightening up your home that can inspire you!

1. Aglaonema

Aglaonema is a trending plant and is believed to brig good luck at home. Aglaonema can survive in low light. In addition to beautiful, it will also make the house more refreshing.

2. Peace lily


The second plant that able to survive in a low-light room is the Peace Lily. Peace lily is capable of absorbing toxins made in the air. It is suitable to be placed in the living room to the bedroom.

3. Monstera


Monstera includes tropical plants, they will grow well under indirect or shade. For easy treatment, you need to water Monstera to taste. Not too much.

4. Snake plant


Snake plant becomes the next plant that able to develop well even though it does not get direct lighting in sunlight. A unique leaf shape can decorate the corner of your room.

5. Boston fern


Boston fern can beautify every space in your home. This plant will be more beautiful if you put hanging or using wall shelves. For treatment, you can water it regularly and cut leaves that are already dry.

6. Golden pothos


Golden pothos are many people's favorite plants. It has beautiful heart shape leaves, suitable for use as room decoration. This plant can also survive in low light rooms, due to its strong environmental adaption capabilities.

7. Spider plant 



Spider plants can be air filters and can grow well in low light. Spider plant has a beautiful leaf shape, and often we find to be a decorator of a room.

That's 7 indoors plant for low light that can inspire you. Which of the plants above is above favorite plant to keep at home?

 Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : Various Source

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