7 Stunning Alocasia Foliage Set Varieties You Will Love


7 Stunning Alocasia Foliage Set Varieties You Will Love

Helloshabby.com -- Alocasia is one of the most spectacular plants because it is striking with an attractive and beautiful leaf shape. Some Alocasia can grow up to three feet in length, originating in subtropical Asia and Eastern Australia.

Alocasia has fundamental differences ranging from the color, shape of the leaves, the size of the leaves and the overall size of the plant. With these unique differences, you can find some beautiful Alocasia with amazing leaves below:

Alocasia Portei


This plant that has an erect stem and measures 50 cm has flesh full of lymph, short rhizomes and branched tubers. Leaves are large, reddish-purple green with long arrow-edged stands up to 2 m long. Alocasia Portei can be used as an ornamental plant in the room or around the garden.

Alocasi Maharani


It is one of the most popular plants. Alocasia Maharani has a rounded leaf shape with a string of foliage growing on the surface of the leaf thoroughly. This plant has a slightly young dark green color with a rough and textured surface. You will find this plant with a small size but not too small.

Alocasi Sanderiana


Alocasia Snaderiana is an ornamental plant that has unique leaves from the Arceae family. This plant has glossy, plastic-like leaves on the edges of the wavy and V-shaped leaves. Currently, Alocasia Sanderiana is categorized as an ornamental plant because of its exotic appearance and is cultivated by ornamental plant lovers as a collection of ornamental plants as yard fillers or in pots.

Alocasia Sarian


This Alocasi Sarian has a leaf shape that is almost similar to Poly Alocasia. The shape of the leaves are taper and pointed at the end with white veins have very dynamic and proportional leaves. The size of this long and slender leaf has a dark green sparkle as an adult. You can find it growing new shoots with young leaves that are very sweet light green.

Alocasia Bambino


Alocasia bambino ornamental plants is one of the best ornamental plant species in the Alocasia genus. A plant with green leaves that resemble purple arrows. While at the bottom, this plant has leaves with bright colors. When caring for this Alocasia Bambino make sure you pay attention to the water needs, soil mixture, moisture and fertilizer.

Alocasia Cuprea


Unlike other varieties, this Alocasia cuprea has a distinctive easy red color on the surface of the leaves. The tropical shades of this plant are passionate with colorful egg round leaves a little soft copper green with a pink sparkle. The longer, you will this plant with a color that deepens into saturated dark green, still the red color is easy to maintain its opalescence.

Alocasia Baginda Silver Dragon


Alocasia silver dragon, including plants from the Alocasia variety that are in great demand. Because this plant is very beautiful and not as usual. Similar to the dragon's side, this plant has bright silver leaves with prominent dark venation. The leaf texture is almost oval with a pale silvery bluish color and has dark green to sage blue primary veins.

This plant can grow up to 3 feet tall and wide at full growth but remains small and grows to about 6 inches in length or about the size of a hand.

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