7 Lucky Indoor Plant for Kitchen

Helloshabby.com -- The kitchen is a room that feels quite stuffy because it has cooking activities that cause various aromas of cooking and also the smoke that sometimes arises in it. If the kitchen does not have sufficient ventilation, you can use decorations in the form of plants that can help the freshness of the kitchen more optimally. For that, see the following reviews about 7 Lucky Indoor Plants for Kitchen.



 Vines Above the Kitchen Cabinet


In addition to creating freshness in the kitchen, the choice of vines in this kitchen can also provide maximum beauty to the appearance of the kitchen. Having two kitchen cabinets separated by open wall shelves, you can place these vines on either side of the cabinet above the stove.


Opuntia Cochenillifera Cactus


Besides having easy care, cactus also has many types that will be very beautiful as decorations that can last longer without intense care. In this minimalist kitchen, using a cactus with the type opuntia cochenillifera which has a flat shape that is placed in a beautiful brown pot.

Ficus Lyrata


Having a fairly large size, the ficus lyrata plant in this kitchen is placed in a pot placed on the floor. This type of plant is also known to have the advantage of being able to freshen the surrounding air. This of course can make decorations as well as room fresheners in your favorite kitchen.


Shady Fern Plant


The next plant that you can place in the kitchen is a nail plant. This fern plant that has quite dense growth can be a perfect decoration by placing it in a hanging area so that its presence does not interfere.


Beautiful Vines of Pothos


Other vines that you can display in your favorite kitchen are pothos plants that you can place in an empty area in the kitchen which has a higher area to display maximum beauty. This pothos plant also has a function in refreshing the room and creating oxygen for the kitchen.


Syngonium White Butterfly


In line with the green theme of this kitchen, you can use this Syngonium White Butterfly plant as a decoration that matches the overall appearance of the kitchen. Having a kitchen with shades of white and green, use a white pot with this fairly dense leafy plant in an empty area in the kitchen.


Neatly Lined Snake Plant


With so many plants displayed in this kitchen, there is a snake plant that has a neat arrangement that can give the kitchen an uncluttered green feel. In addition to having a neat impression that is displayed, this plant can also clean the surrounding air. Wouldn't it be great to have this plant in your kitchen?



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