Alocasia - Top 7 Growing and Caring Tips


Alocasia - Top 7 Growing and Caring Tips -- Plant in the genus Alocasia are known for their large leaves having arrow shapes and very pretty vein patterns with little velvet.

Many people love this Alocasia plant because of its unique and very numerous varieties. No matter whether you have experience in terms of plants or not, having Alocasia feels to be a pride in itself.

Some people also consider this plants is one of the plants that care is difficult, but if you know more this will be very easy for you to have and still develop very beautiful.

The following will be shared with you about Alocasia treatments that you can apply at home.


 Keep it carefully


When you find your Alocasia at home like this, it looks a very bad leaf brown and withered. Fortunately, my roots are still thriving and string. You can separate it from other stems that you can place in a plastic pot to try to grow new shoots again. Do not be sad when you come across this plant with a bad condition, give good care starting watering, the intensity of light is not excessive and fertilizer.



This Alocasia plant will be cold in the winter, which may make this plant inactive. This can be fatal if you don't make it to survive. One of the best ways is through division. You can do this during the growing season in March to September.

Survive in a few months, you will find your Alocasia plant growing tall and very beautiful.




Never fall down when you find your Alocasia dropping all the leaves, and they are inactive in a few months. This occurs in autumn or winter, when it is exposed to temperature in the 60 degrees for several weeks. But you just wait for it and there's no need to be afraid and will think about throwing it away.

Let all the leaves die, and you can cut them back, let the soil dry and move them to a place where they should stay warm and rested for a while.



To provide maximum Alocasia treatment and growth. You can just water it when it just dries. Because this Alcoasia includes a type of plant that is picky about water needs. You simple wet the soil when the leaves look droopy. And you will find this plant fresh again visible from the leaves that begin to stand tall.

Temperature and humidity


Alocasia is a tropical plant that likes to live in higher temperatures, ranging from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can grow it to shoots with the right temperature and humidity of the room.

One to maintain the moisture of this plant, you can use a humidifier, misting that can encourage leaf disease when not done carefully. In addition, grouping plants simultaneously can also increase each other's humidity.



These Alocassia don't like wet soil, The best way you can give this Alocasia is to plant it with the right soil mixture. Such as a mixture when holding orchids with additional peat moss, shredded bark, charcoal and sphagnum moss. As before, you should not be in a hurry to plant Alocasia in the pot. Alocassia prefers with w little root bound like this.

Solve the problem of Alocasia


You can get rid of the problem when you find your Alocasia looking wilted with brown-looking leaves. This can be caused by lack of water or excess water. Check the soil first, if it looks wet and heavy. If so, no excess water. If it's dry you're letting it swell too much and don't have maximum moisture.

Well, especially if you encounter a new problem that makes the leaves look yellow and brown. It could be that you put it outside for too long due to sun exposure. If spots appear, immediately trim the leaves that will not spread to other parts.

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