7 Most Beautiful Types Of Rex Begonia Varieties

Helloshabby.com -- Begonias can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. Begonia is much loved for having stunning bright colors. Begonias also have a striking look and have made the home look beautiful all the time.

It's no wonder Begonias are so easy to fall in love with! Here are 7 most beautiful types of Rex begonia varieties that you can grow at home!

1. Begonia Rex escargot


Begonia Rex Escargot gas a beautiful snail-like leaf shape. The combination of green with semi-gray makes it look stunning and beloved. Suitable for your to decorate the terrace of your house!

2. Begonia Rex celia


This type of Begonia rex variety has beautiful leaves with pink accents in the middle and edges. There is a silver color among the pink that also looks beautiful.

3. Begonia Rex Silver Limbo


Compared to the previous two types, this begonia plant has a smaller leaf shape. The color of the leaves is silver with a combination of beautiful purple at the bottom. Begonia Rex silver limbo also looks stunningly planted in an elegant white pot.

4. Begonia Rex Fairy


Begonia Rex Fairy is an annually grown plant. Its shiny leaves will stand out if you make it as an indoor plant decoration. The treatment is also easy. You can water it regularly, but not too much.

5. Begonia Rex Angel Wing


Begonia Rex Angel wing has leaves with a stunning polka dots pattern. We love their polka dots! Their leaves that are shaped like wings are also interesting to serve as home decors.

6. Begonia Rex Salsa


Salsa Rex begonia has a stunning leaf color. The combination of red wine in the middle and silver looks perfect. They will grow well with good care.

7. Begonia Red Kiss


Having a metallic red leaf color with a blend of black color makes this begonia plant look stand out. This elegant begonia plant will beautify your garden.

Those are the 7 most beautiful types of Rex begonia varieties that you can take home. Do you have your favorite plant?

 Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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