7 Mini Library at Home Ideas with Stunning Bookshelf Designs

Helloshabby.com -- Even though now everything is to go online, but reading physical books will remain as an activity that won't be abandoned. Reading a book can be a healing activity that makes us better. Reading books is better than reading e-book.  Because you don't need to worry about cell phone radiation that can damage eye health. 

For that, there are some people who leave space to be turned into a mini library at home. If you are one of those peoples, you can take at look at these 7 Mini Library at Home Ideas with Stunning Bookshelf Designs as your inspirations to arrange your home library. 

Mini home library with built-in bookshelf


Running out of space to create a home library? You can design a built-in bookshelf that blends into the wall, as above. Wooden shelves or open cabinets can be used as a place for a collection of favorite books and room decorations. Although a bit pricey, but you'll get a stylish mini library even on a small space. Place a day-bed beside it as a place to enjoy weekend while reading a book.  

A versatile mini library at home


Having a mini library at home can bring many benefits. Mini libraries are perfect for growing your little one's interest in reading. This reading room can also be used as a workspace at home. A collection of books that are neatly lined up in an open industrial-style cabinet, make you more focus while working. Just place a minimalist table and chair as a place for you to work from home. 

Mini library under the stairs


Use the empty-space under the stairs to create a mini library. Choose an open cabinet or bookshelf to organize your book and magazine collection. It looks so neat, you can more freely search for your favorite books in a certain location for book storage. That way, you don't have to rummage through your house just to find your favorite novel. 

A vintage-style home library


Sometimes reading a book can bring its own nostalgic feeling. Especially if the home library design is made in a vintage style. The wooden bookshelf is full of stacks of books, giving the library a look that reflects its owner as a fan of reading. An ethnic wooden mirror, simple wooden table and chair provide a clear statement of beautiful and calming feel of the library. 

DIY floating bookshelf


Manga is one of the type of book that you'll never get bored with it. Instead of being left piled in the warehouse, make your manga collection a space decoration. You can make your own floating bookshelf made of wood. The wooden bookshelf looks so unique with piles of different sizes of piece of wood. You'll have a unique wall decorations, and make it easier for you when you want to read your favorite manga again. 

Book order in matching colors


It doesn't matter if you only have a regular bookshelf for your mini library. Make it more special with the arrangement of the book inside. Arrange books with similar cover colors in the same row or column. That way, even a simple bookshelf will look more stand out with the books inside it. 

 A complete book case


Show your love for the books that you've got. You can make a complete book case on the wall in the living room.  The books on this shelf give it a retro look that is so impressive. 

That's all for 7 Mini Library at Home Ideas with Stunning Bookshelf Designs. The existence of books at home will make your resident even more homey and cozy. So, you can make a mini library at home, even in a small space. 

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