7 Most Popular Houseplants


Helloshabby.com -- During the pandemic, many people had new hobbies, including collecting Houseplants. There are many type of houseplants that are trending and widely preferred plants lovers.

Houseplants become an interesting element to be used as home decors to look more attractive. What Here are the 7 most popular houseplants that you can take care of at home!

 1. Alocasia Black velvet

For those of you plant lovers, Alocasia Black Velvet is a trending plant and has many fans. This plant has a unique leaf shape and exotic color. This will make the house look more attractive.

 2. Caladium Branco

Caladium branco plant has a model of leaves that are no less beautiful than the previous plant. The combination of green and white can beautify the look of the of the home garden.

 3. Calathea velvet


Calathea velvet became one of the popular houseplants this year. The treatment is easy, you can water it enough. Avoid watering too often.

 4. Monstera Adansonii


Monstera adansoni includes a type of vine with a unique leaf shape. No wonder so many like it. For maximum growth, avoid putting it in direct sunlight.

 5. Aglaonema


Aglaonema plants are among the most popular plants this year. It has a beautiful leaf color so that it is suitable as home decors. The treatment is not difficult either. Recommended for you beginners.

 6. Snake plant


Snake plant has long been used as a decoration to beautify the room. This plant can absorb toxins in the air, and make the room cooler. Snake plant is suitable to decorate the corner of your room.

 7. Fishbone cactus


Fishbone is a plant native to Mexico. This plant will be more beautiful when you hang it in the window. Its flat shape makes it look even more charming.

That's a review of 7 most popular houseplants that can inspire you. Which of the plants above is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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