7 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Helloshabby.com -- Having trouble maximizing the small space of your bedroom with a modest budget? We feel you. That's why, we've gathered 7 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget. You can bring a new life to your small bedroom, even with little budget. 

Ready to beautify your small bedroom? Read on for 7 ideas to maximize a small bedroom with proper layout, beautiful design and simple decor. 

1. Keep pillows to a minimal


In a large bedroom, a bed filled with pillows and throws will indeed appear warm and cozy. It's different for a small bedroom. More pillows on the bed will make a bedroom more overcrowded. Just one or two pillows for you will be a nice touch, and keep your small bedroom look neat. 

2. DIY headboard

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You can add your DIY decorations or furniture. For example, make your own-headboard. Hang an affordable MDF board on the wall to make a headboard. Put a pillow on every board, and you can get a minimalist headboard as well as a backrest. Reading or playing smartphone games on the bed becomes even more enjoyable. 

3. Play with color


Just because it's a small bedroom, don't let it look less aesthetic. Let your personality shine with bedroom decor and color. Get creative with color. Add color to the walls, curtains, cupboard to bed throws to give a happy and lively personality. 

4. Bring more natural light


Incorporating plenty of natural light into the bedroom is the key to keeping your room from a dark and gloomy impression. You can leave the bedroom window with minimum treatment. You can choose a sheer curtain for the windows, or simply don't even put anything in the window. Open window will bring more light that makes the space so bright and airy. 

5. Stay away from clutter


Square space big or small will not work well if the room is so crowded with stuffs. Especially a small bedroom. An easy trick that doesn't have to cost you a lot of money is to keep your room clean. Arrange the decorations and furniture to taste, so the room looks neat and makes you happy when you're there. 

6. Make it look bigger with a full-length mirror


A small bedroom will look even bigger with a full-length mirror. Mirrors will increase visibility, giving the illusion of a wider space. If it feels strange to have a large mirror, you can choose a wardrobe design that is equipped with a full mirror on its surface. This way, you'll get a wardrobe as well as a maximum mirror. 

7. Choose a simple layout


Choose a simple bedroom layout for your small bedroom. Instead of positioning the bed facing an adjacent wall, you can place the bed in the middle of the main wall. You'll get a more space to move on both sides of your bed. This arrangement will also make your room have a better flow, and makes it easier for you to clean every space in the bedroom

That's all for 7 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget. Hope you are inspired to make your small bedroom more comfortable than it is now. You can share your small bedroom photos with us by commenting on our Facebook Fan page. 

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