House of Blues: Sky Blue Interior Decorating Ideas You'll Love -- Blue symbolizes positive energy, wisdom, and soft that can calm the mind. Blue also has variety of colors, ranging from dark to light. You can choose according to taste or atmosphere of the room you will present. Blue also includes popular colors that are often used for home interior design. Today,  will share about the beautiful color of sky blue

Are you interested in using sky blue for your dream home? Let's check out house of blues: Sky blue interior decorating ideas you'll love below!

 Beautiful Living room sky blue

 If you decide to choose sky blue for the living room, you can blend it with white for a more elegant look. While the darker blue gives a touch of a charming living room. Also present greenery decoration to liven up the atmosphere of the living room.

 Open plan interior concept

Sky blue provides a room atmosphere that can calm the mind. These two rooms are separated by a functional partition of the room. Not only used to separate the two rooms, this open shelf model partition you can use to show off your favorite collection.

Clean kitchen with gorgeous blue sky accents


Go into the kitchen, different from the previous room. This kitchen is dominated by shades of white, so they look more spacious and clean. For the decoration, you can give a beautiful sky-blue accent.

Beautiful TV room with sky-blue feel

Another room that looks beautiful with shades of sky blue is the TV room. For the walls of the room is made with wain scouting techniques so that it looks stunning. Some dry flower decorations also add to the look of a more aesthetic room.

Blue and pink bedroom

Want to give a feminine impression in the bedroom? You can try combing pink and beautiful sky blue. Both of these colors are soft colors that can make the mind calm and peaceful.

That's the inspiration, sky-blue interior decorating ideas you'll love. I hope the information above can be useful to you.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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