7 Space-saving Vertical Garden Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Having a limited open space doesn't mean you can't have a garden full of plants. A vertical garden is a great idea for that. You can use vertical space that is usually empty for planting media and a place to display plants. You can create a vertical garden with any style you like. From a simple window trellis as a vertical garden to a vertical garden with a variety of unique plants in it. 

Find more about vertical garden ideas on 7 Space-saving Vertical Garden Ideas.

Lush vertical garden


How about making your high wall as a vertical garden full of plants like this? In a vertical space, you can grow many plants on it. You need vertical planting media that can be firmly attached to the wall. Make sure the watering system are adequate, so plants can thrive. 

Artificial vertical garden on the balcony


A space-saving vertical garden is a good option for balcony wall. It doesn't matter if you want to have an artificial garden for convenience and practicality. You can attach a beautiful vertical garden ready to use on the balcony. This stunning vertical garden makes the balcony even fresher and cozier. 

A small vertical garden on window trellis


Dangling leafy plants are indeed more suitable to be hung or placed on a vertical space. If you run out of space, you can use the window trellis as a small vertical garden. Just attach potted plants on the trellis, and let the leaves grow dangling beautifully down. 

Vertical garden with minimalist waterfall pool


The side yard can be turned into a fresh garden. You can design a garden with a minimalist waterfall pool as above. The upstream of the pool can be made with terraces model like a natural waterfall. An empty garden wall can be beautified by making a vertical garden. 

Although it looks crowded, making a vertical garden above is not too difficult. You only need to install ready-made vertical garden media, which is then firmly attached to the wall and filled with various plants. 

Colorful container for space-saving vertical garden


You can make a space-saving vertical garden with a happy vibe like this. Pick colorful plant containers to make it happen. Then, you can arrange these containers according to their color order, to make them look neater. Pick a dark to bright color to give a colorful and dynamic look. And, you'll get a vertical space that will give you a better-mood.

Giant pothos for unique vertical garden


This unique vertical garden by relying on one plant, that is a golden giant pothos plant. You can grow the giant pothos on the walls, and let this plant grow high to the top. As they get older, the leaves will grow bigger. That way, you'll get such a stunning vertical garden. 

Potted plants on the walls


Make a simple vertical garden like this one. You only need to install floating shelves and some wire mesh shelves to place potted plants. That way, your walls will look like a gallery of soothing shady plants. 

That's all for 7 Space-saving Vertical Garden Ideas. Hopefully, these ideas are useful for you, if you intend to make space-spacing vertical garden. Share with your friends, and let them know these amazing ideas. 

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