7 Creative Small Garden Indoor Ideas



Helloshabby.com --  Do you live in a tiny house or an apartment that does not have a large outdoor space? It's not a problem. You can have a beautiful indoor garden. The presence of an indoor garden you can use to be a comfortable relaxing spot. Growing houseplants also helps you relieve stress.

To help you create an indoor garden, here are 7 creative small indoor garden ideas that can inspire you!

 1. Indoor garden with bicycle plant bar

The first creative garden ideas is made unique and beautiful by using a bicycle. The combination of plant bars on bicycle can fit many plants. That way, the indoor garden is more neat and organized.

2. Garden under the stairs


Do you have an empty-space under the stairs? Make this area a stunning indoor garden. This indoor garden is beautifully made with refreshing hanging plants. Complete the garden with chairs as a place of relaxation.

3. Garden with wooden roof


Create an indoor garden design that looks more natural by using wood materials. This indoor garden is equipped with corner chairs that you can use as a place to gather with family. Show the impression of a natural with elegant natural stone walls.

4. Vertical garden near kitchen


The following indoor garden design is made near the kitchen. This certainly provides a more amazing cooking experience. The concept of vertical garden is suitable to be applied in narrow land.

5. Indoor garden with fishpond


Bringing water elements in the house can make the atmosphere more refreshing. The idea of an indoor garden with a fishpond you can make as a reference. The gurgling of water will give peace of mind.

6. Garden near laundry room


Do you often get bored when you wash your clothes? Making the laundry room near the garden will make you more eager to wash. Green grass can be enjoyed while washing clothes. Imagine it's fun, isn't it?

7.  Transparent rooftop indoor garden


In order for the plants in the room to grow properly, you must make sure they get maximum sun lighting. The solution you can use a transparent roof that allows sunlight to enter the room optimally.

Such are the examples of 7 creative small garden indoor ideas that can inspire you. What's your favorite garden idea?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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