7 Stunning Outdoor Living Room Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- The outdoor living room becomes a space that you can make a beautiful healing place, especially if it is well-designed. The outdoor living room also describes the overall design of the house. You have to design it as well and as comfortable as possible. The outdoor concept can also be used for small home solutions to keep it functional and of course comfortable.

Interested in having an outdoor living room? Here are 7 stunning outdoor living room ideas that you can use as inspiration!

1. Outdoor living room made of rattan


For the design of the first outdoor living room made more natural with the use of environmentally friendly materials. Rattan chairs and various plants are the perfect combination for a place to relax in the weekend.

2. Outdoor living room with corner sofa


For those of you who like the simplicity of inspiring the following you can make as the best inspiration. By providing a minimalist corner sofa, you can use it as a place to gather or receive guests who come to visit. Combine with cushions for a more cozy patio atmosphere.

3. Outdoor living room with rustic style


Present the living room with a rustic touch full of comfort. The combination of wood shades and a few touches of rattan material brings a warmer and cozy atmosphere. Create a more romantic atmosphere with a beautiful series of lights.

4. Outdoor living room with plants


Carrying the concept of tropical, green plant elements become things that should not be missed. Place plants around the patio area, For outdoor living room tips, you can use materials that are resistant to weather, such as synthetic rattan materials.

5. Aesthetic outdoor living room roster wall


Many advantages of the outdoor living room, including smoother air circulation. For a more natural impression, you can combine wall material with roster with a aesthetic shape. Combine with wood elements for a more cozy atmosphere.

6. Romantic outdoor living room


Create a living room design full of romantic atmosphere with curtain decorations that dangle aesthetically. Moreover, the ally of wood material that dominates also bring a calming atmosphere. Suitable to be used as a vacation spot on weekends.

7. Scandinavian outdoor living room


The last living room ideas was made with a simple design with Scandinavian style. The dominance of bright colors gives the impression of reflection of the room looks more relieved. While the decoration of green plants brings the living room feels more alive.

Those are the seven, 7 stunning outdoor living room ideas that can inspire you. Have you chosen your favorite design?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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