7 Types of Variegated Monstera Varieties

7 Types of Variegated Monstera Varieties

Helloshabby.com -- For collectors who love ornamental plants, the type of Monstera doesn't seem to be empty in the yard. You can choose quite a lot of different types of Monstera with interesting and different leaf shapes. Monstera is one of the tropical plants that is often used for the interior of the room. You can choose the uniqueness of the very diverse Monstera leaves, and you know in advance in the following review:

 Monstera Pinnatipartita


This type of Monstera Pinnatipartita plant has a unique leaf appearance, originating in South America. The characteristic of this planting is the leaves that split as adults. Plants that belong to the type of vines are very appropriate if you propagate on a growing tree.

Leaves with a thick green and shiny color has a leaf bone that looks as if it is sharp veined. When starting to mature, the leaf hole in this plant will widen to make the leaves become split.

Monstera Siltepecana


Plant originating from the region of central South America have the name Monstera Siltepecana. This wild-growing plant and has distinctively forgetful leaves forms a spear full of a beautiful silver hue and dark green veins.

This plant becomes one of the fantastic plan for the home and terrarium.


Monstera Dubia


Plants with the characteristics of hollow leaves, commonly called Monstera is very popular. But another for the type of Monstera Dubia that is not perforated. This plant remains unique because it has very visible leaf bones on its surface with beautiful natural motifs. The combination of white and green color makes this plant very beautiful to be the interior decoration of the room.

This plant will be allowed to propagate on the vine ping medium. With treatments that need to be considered between moisture, seeding weeds to invading pests.


Monstera Borsigiana


Monstera plants of Borsigiana and Deliciosa are quite similar when seen. But this monstera borsigiana plant has leaves that are dark green, and there is often a white pattern. Plants with features on this part of the leaves have small holes in some of their leaves. Another difference is in the stem, where the plant is relatively small because of the small size of the plant.

The part of the leaf that appears torn on the plant Monstera Borsigianum variegata looks like a zigzag on the right and left.

Monstera Adansonii


Plants originating from Central America and South America are vines and suitable for trellising plants. Plantings that grow tall with larger leaves can be up to about 1 meter tall. Plants with hollow leaves typical of this monstera plant have a smaller size and do not spread. You can combine this plant by adding a wooden buttress in the middle of the planting pot.

Monstera Deliciosa


Monstera deliciosa is an ornamental plant that can grow with bright and indirect lighting. Large leafy plants with this unique shape can indeed be an interesting decorative ornament at home. Monstera Deliciosa plants can thrive with soil conditions with high humidity but not too much water.

Monstera Thai Consterllation


This amazing ornamental plant with the name Monstera Thai Constellation has a high price of around tens of millions. With unique characteristics, this plant has a wide leaf shape and divides in several parts, as from the appearance of the leaves that spread. This plant has a green leaf color with beige patches towards white. The advantage of these plants is that its treatment is relatively easy compared to other types of monstera.

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