7 Unique Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Design to Inspire You

Helloshabby.com -- There are many reasons  why you need an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen will makes cooking easier. You don't need to worry when you intend cooking foods with strong odors. The strong odors will disperse outside rather than permeate and linger through of the house. 

You can also make the outdoor kitchen as a great outdoor space for entertaining. You can include features that makes the outdoor kitchen more unique and memorable, such as outdoor dining set, grilled or even patio furniture. 

Here's a look at 7 Unique Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Design to Inspire You

More unique with a rustic theme


Bring a memorable rustic feel to your outdoor kitchen. Use kitchen furniture made of wood, exposed brick and ceramic countertops with Batik patterns. This outdoor kitchen design blends in with the fresh atmosphere around it. You don't need to worry smelly foods will linger in the room as the breeze will carry it away. 

Cool and fresh outdoor blue kitchen


Even though it's outdoors, don't let the outdoor kitchen look mediocre. You can apply a bright blue color to the kitchen walls to the roof. The solid buffer under the kitchen counter have abstract pattern and soft colors. Make the outdoor kitchen even look chic and refreshing. That way, grilled foods will taste better with this outdoor kitchen. 

Outdoor exposed concrete kitchen


The exposed-concrete-kitchen can also be placed outside the house. You can coat it with a special coating paint, so the concrete will not easily porous. The kitchen is small, but it is equipped with a cook top, sink and preparation table. You don't need to cover under-the-countertop with curtains or cabinets, if the area underneath is pretty neat and not full of stuff. 

Expanding the outdoor kitchen with a patio


Make unused outdoor space as outdoor kitchen. You can expand the outdoor kitchen with a patio next to it. This way, your outdoor kitchen will be much more than a place to cook. It is the place you cook as well as place to gather. 

You'll definitely enjoy cooking for a long time in this kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with a cabinet that contains cooking appliances. Floating shelves were chosen to provide a more neat and spacious kitchen space. 

Free-standing outdoor kitchen space


This outdoor kitchen is deliberately designed to stand independently in the outside the house. The kitchen is not attached to other buildings. Makes you have your own unique oasis in your backyard. The kitchen space is indeed small, but still enough to prepare a banquet. Above it, a transparent roof is installed so that eating together is more shady. 

Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen Design


This outdoor kitchen looks unique with a trendy minimalist concept. Kitchen cabinets neatly arranged in part of the wall. The kitchen backsplash is used in white with hexagonal patterns to enhance the visual appealing to this kitchen. The kitchen and garden are not limited by doors or partitions. So, the kitchen looks more spacious, feels cool and fresh. 

Small but Sturdy Outdoor Kitchen Design


Make use of the outdoor space as a sturdy and functional outdoor kitchen. You can choose a granite countertops in black that looks sturdy and masculine. Choose a patterned brown floor model like this to complete the look of the kitchen. You can place a small table with a pairs of stools to enjoy a cup of coffee outdoor. 

That's all for 7 Unique Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Design to Inspire You. Hopefully, those ideas  is useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about outdoor kitchen design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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