Easy and Attractive, 7 Small Kitchen Designs


Easy and Attractive, 7 Small Kitchen Designs

Helloshabby.com -- Small kitchen size, often an obstacle to realizing attractive kitchen design at home. But you don't need to worry, there are many ways that you can imitate even with a limited size. How to create a small but beautiful kitchen, one of them by maximizing the corner of the kitchen. Especially you hire an interior design service that can realize your desire to have a small and attractive kitchen.

Instead of confusion, try to check out interesting ideas about 7 small kitchens that are easy and interesting to try.

Small kitchen design with pink fascia color


One of the efforts to improve the look of a charming small kitchen is with a fresh interior like a pink fascia like this. Even if you have a small kitchen, but with full neatness, the kitchen space will be interesting and easy to try. Especially if the decorations and furniture used are not too much. Of course, the kitchen space will remain neat and look clean.


Kitchen design near the bathroom


It is not uncommon anymore if the kitchen and bathroom in a certain house are located side by side. One example is just an example of an L-shape kitchen design neat this bathroom. But this is not a problem. You can make it look attractive with extra cabinets and a stylish minimalist interior with granite ceramics. Also use wood elements as a store in the form of kitchen spices and cookware that are often used.


Small kitchen shades of purple with cast table


Kitchen space will be very interesting if the arrangement of the space is right, not excessive and the interior used is the same. Like the design of a small kitchen in the shape of a small hallway is made kitchen table from cement cast material with L-shape and the elevation of the table that is different between each corner is maximized by the use of display shelves to store kitchen furniture. So that your kitchen space in the house will be neater and look catchy.

Kitchenette industrialist theme


The next kitchen design is very interesting to try. Moreover, you live in an apartment or studio type house. Kitchen design hallway shape made industrialist theme looks attractive with marble elements in the counter top. Kitchen indents are used as a place to cook, and the cabinet area saves to look neat. Without reducing the comfortable cooking activities, you can install a window as a circulation enhancer during the day.

The kitchenette is attractive under the stairs


The ideal is quite interesting if you try in the future when you have a new 2nd floor. Kitchen design that maximizes the bottom of the stairs is effective enough to overcome the lack of land in the house. Made a kitchen model shape L which at once can be a mini bar, practical for fun cooking activities. A little industrial style from the chandelier adds to the color of the kitchen, so it is more harmonious and organized.

Small kitchen without cabinet


A simple small kitchen design will be suitable to be applied in a small house. A kitchen like this does not to spend a lot of space, so that makes the room in the house so more efficient. You can arrange a neat pattern and placement in the kitchen. No need to use a kitchen cabinet for storage if the space is small, you only need to use the backsplash wall to be used as a place to hang cookware such as spatula, pot etc.

Modern style small kitchen


This is perfect for those of you who like modern style kitchen design. The small kitchen inspiration above is very simple but modern, from the colors, materials to the kitchen furniture used. Because the size of the kitchen is very small, to avoid stuffy and hot cooking activities, you can choose a cooker hood to help circulate in a cleaner and fresher kitchen.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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