How To Propagate Boston Fern Plant -- Boston fern are one type of plant that is trending this year. Pandemic conditions make many people have a new hobby, namely gardening. Boston ferns have many enthusiasts. Because this plant can be grown indoors and outdoors. 

Boston ferns have green leaves that refresh the eyes. Interested in growing Boston fern at home? Let's first at home? Let's first check out how to propagate Boston fern that you can apply at home!


Boston fern grows in fertile soil


Boston fern can grow well in rainy, moist soil. They prefer moist air. Boston fern adapts in subtropical and tropical regions. This plant will grow well in shady place. It is of often used as a decorations in the room.

Boston fern watering


In addition to growing in a shady place, the thing you should pay attention to take care of Boston fern is watering. They actually have low maintenance. You can water Boston fern regularly every day. Make sure the soil is always moist.

Boston fern planting location


If you want to spread Boston fern, you have to determine the planting location first. Boston ferns can live when exposed to sunlight, but if they want to grow healthier, you can put them in shady place. If you want to use the Boston plant as an indoor plant, you are free to place it in every corner of the room to beautify the look.

4. Give fertilizer for Boston ferns


Another way to propagate ferns is to give them fertilizer. In order for them to get enough nutrients, you can spray it with leaf fertilizer once a week. So that the fern leaves will greener refreshing, and the shoots will increase.

5. Cut the dried leaves


For the growth of a healhtier Boston fern plant, you can cut leaves that are already dry. Take care of Boston ferns regurarly, that way they will grow that are so beautiful and refreshing to the eyes.

That's how to propagate Boston fern plant that you can try to apply at home. I hope the information above can be useful to you. Good luck!

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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