6 Colorful Ideas for Your Small House Design

Helloshabby.com --  Color selection is one of the points that need to be considered as applied to a house. Color can give a different dimension to the scale of a room. Not only that, the presence of color is also believed to affect the psychological side of a person. One of the color concepts that you can use is colorful colors. Here is inspiration about 6 Colorful Ideas for Your Small House Design.

Terrace as Living Room

The living room is an important place in a house. But sometimes the number of people visiting makes the privacy in the house disturbed. You can overcome this by creating an outdoor living room on the terrace. This terrace has a variety of combinations including orange on the walls, green on the floor carpet, and also a beautiful earth-tone in pattern.



Room with Open Plan Concept

This minimalist-sized house has colorful colors in its interior. The use of sofas with various colors makes it more harmonious with colorful walls as well. This room has an open plan concept that is used as an indoor living room and also a family room.

Stunning Wall Motifs

The family room which is joined with this indoor living room has an interesting motif on the walls. This can be a variation that diverts the colorful walls it has. Thus, you will still enjoy each spot with a variety of nuances. To further add to the function, you can use an open wall shelf, so it doesn't give a messy impression.

Beautiful Minimalist Kitchen 

This kitchen with shades of blue has a detailed motif in the interior. The wall sticker in blue was chosen with a stripe motif combined with white. A colorful touch is used in the kitchen curtain motif and also the refrigerator sticker. To further add to the modern impression, this kitchen has a bar table design that is used as a dining table.


On Floor Bed Design

Not only a simple impression, the design of the bed on this floor makes the arrangement in the room more flexible and gives a neat and spacious impression. This bedroom also has an attractive color combination that makes it look colorful.



Bunk Bed Children's Room


With a minimalist size, these children's bedroom comes with a bunk bed that will be suitable for two children at once. The use of colorful colors will also be suitable to be applied to a cheerful impression in a child's bedroom, which is also used as a place to play.




Hopefully, those 6 Colorful Ideas for Your Small House Design. are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about snake plant care. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Hafidza
Editor       : Munawaroh
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