7 Low Care Plants for Indoor Water Garden

Helloshabby.com -- Get freshness and coolness by placing plants that can live in water. Plants that can live or take root in water are usually low maintenance. Just say, you don't need to provide  fertile and humus soil for plants. Just with a glass of clean water with added nutrients, and the plant will grow and refresh the home atmosphere. 

Plants that can take root in water are also a good idea for water propagation. Once the roots are quite ready, you can move them to the pot. For more ideas, here are 8 Low Care Plants for Indoor Water Garden

Croton plants


Croton is one type of houseplant that can grow in water. It will be beautiful if we maintain it indoors. This plant takes some time to grow roots in the water. Keep the water always clean to avoid contaminant bacteria. When the roots are ready, plant it in your yard. Place them in a sunny pot to make yellow croton stand out more. 

Centella asiatica


Centella asiatica is a plant that is known to have many benefits for skin health. The gotu kola plant can also be used as an ornamental plant to beautify the home. The type of gotu kola is one of the best indoor water plant. We can place it in a glass cup that is already filled with water. Place the plants near the window, so it can grow well. The round leaves will give an attractive look even for a small table.

Spider Plants


You can grow spider plants in water. This plant is popular as low care plants, even when you put it on the water. To take care of it, you just need fresh, clean water to make the plant root. But the spider plant is best to plant it in soil. The longest time the spider plant can live in water, in about 4 months. 

Unique planter for indoor water garden


Get creative with your planter for indoor water garden. Make it like a unique mini hanging garden. A water pot filled with plant leaf stalks is hung on a rope attached to a square wooden holder. You can pick low care plants, such as monstera, pothos or phildendron. Let the plant roots grow. And, you'll get a beautiful hung indoor water garden. 

Monstera aadansonii


Monstera can be propagated in the water-propagation method. This plant requires a glass of water to grow and thrive. Put the plant in a transparent vase, and place it on the spot that receives bright indirect sunlight. Change the water every 3-5 days to keep the water fresh. Watch the monstera grow into a beautiful indoor water plant



Hey, you can grow a philodendron plant with big leaves at indoor. The big leaves will make your living space feel so fresh. Philodendron is a low-care-plant. Just make sure the plant stalk is in good condition when you place it in the water. Change the water regularly. Place it on a corner with bright light. The bright light will help maximize its growth. 

Peace Lily


Peace lily is one of the most popular houseplants. The plants can also grow and live in water. If you take good care of it, peace lilies can also produce white flower, when you plant it in water. Peace lily can can live in water, in about a year. 

Hopefully, those 7 Low Care Plants for Indoor Water Garden are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about plants that grow in water. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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