7 Amazing Hoya Varieties With Picture&Names


7 Amazing Hoya Varieties With Picture&Names

Helloshabby.com -- Hoya plant is a very nice genus, strange and many lovers. Besides being attractive from the shape of the leaves, flowers and their aroma, this plant is amazing, and its reputation is difficult. Many varieties of Hoya that become beginner plants. You can see some of the latest updates on Hoya plant types in the article below:

Hoya Sweetheart


The hoya sweetheart plant is also known as valentine plant or sweetheart candle. This type of hoya plant is given a very appropriate name because of its thick, fresh and heart-shaped leaves. These plant include amazing indoor plants with easy care. It can tolerate low light at once. However, this plant is better to bloom in bright and indirect sunlight.

Hoya Carnosa 'Krimson Queen'


Hoya carnosa is an ornamental plant that has a variety of versions and is very beautiful. Types you can find and have such as hoya carnosa tricolor, hoya carnosa strawberry and cream or hoya carnosa variegata.

Plants that have a mixture of green, beige, easy red and sometimes ivory have a variety divided outside the leaves, with a green color with white, beige and pink around the edges of the leaves.

Hoya Compacta


The ornamental plant is hoya compacta. Plants that come from Asia and are hanging ornamental plants are suitable to be placed in the room. Vines with a shape resembling a thick rope around this have dense green leaves, wrinkled and curved. You should be diligent to clean the leaves of this hoya compacta to make it more shiny.

Hoya Macrophylla


This is large and most appreciated species for its twisted, green and patterned leaves is hoya macrophylla. The oval and tapered shaped leaves have an attractive 3D texture, protruding with pale veins across smaller veins and located horizontally.

This plant has small and small flowers, but the color is very soft. It can grow up to five inches in length, and reach a height of about five feet with a climbing buffer that requires space or must be cut significantly.

Hoya Silver


Hoya super silver is a heart queen who has cute heart-shaped leaves covered in silver splashes. This plant originating from the Philippines produces upright umbel beige white, a fluffy flower with a sweet aroma that gets stronger at night. This plant is perfect for hanging baskets on the windowsill.

This super silver hoya plant can flower in a few times a year if planted with proper care. Give fertilizer regularly, prune the stems in late winter to keep them fertile and produce flowers.

Hoya Macrophylla Albomarginata


Hoya macrophylla albomarginata is a green climber plant suitable for conservatory. Interesting leaves with candle flowers are very flavorful, this is what makes this  plant popular among farmers. Plant with variegated leaves of green, white sometimes pink has more variety in the more walls.

Place it in a bright place, you can place it directly in the sun and let the roots grow.


Hoya Polyneura


The plant, dubbed fisthail hoya or hoya polyneura, has become a popular plant and is in high demand lately. Have tin leaves in light green with dark green fish leaf bones. You need to pay attention to this plant with patient care and result in bunches of flowers should be. This plant is very suitable to be an indoor plant with direct sunlight lighting. When compared to other plants, hoya needs a little watering and is almost like succulents.

The size of this plant can be about 20 cm long ad affixed in a plastic pot if it starts breeding.


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