7 Incredible Tiny Houses You'll Hardly Believe Are Real

Helloshabby.com -- A small house is often a consideration for presenting a lot of details and furniture in it. However, small houses are increasingly being found due to limited land and also soaring land prices to build large houses. Actually, even a tiny house is not a big problem as long as you as the owner are able to design and decorate it properly so that it still provides beautifully conceptualized comfort. For those of you who are interested in owning a tiny house, see the following review of 7 Incredible Tiny Houses You'll Hardly Believe Are Real.




 Facades with Momochromatic Shades

The facade design used in this house has a minimalist look that is dominated by black and white monochrome colors. Not many details are used in this tiny house so that it displays an elegant, simple impression. The use of small plant decorations can be an attractive option that can be used on the terrace.

A Touch of Earth Tine on the Living Room Furniture

The use of white color that dominates the walls of this room looks charming with variations in brown both on the sofa, window curtains, and also the floor carpet it has. Not only that, the presence of wall decorations in this living room makes it look varied and still maintains its elegant impression.

Relaxing Family Room with Floor Rug


The family room in this tiny house has an interior design that does not include a sofa. The use of floor carpets is preferred because it is considered to provide more capacity for the family and also provides a maximum relaxed atmosphere while watching the family's favorite television program. Still the same as the living room concept, this family room also uses brown as a decoration touch that looks elegant and homey.


Scandinavian Style Minimalist Concept

The minimalist dining room owned by this tiny house has a Scandinavian-style concept that chooses the use of earth tone colors and is equipped with large windows and ornamental plants that exude freshness to this dining room. Even though it looks simple, this dining room also has quite unique decorations on its walls in the form of woven bamboo and also shelves with a hexagonal pattern.



Tiny Kitchen on a Budget

The selection of the right colors used in this kitchen gives a wide dimension to even a small space. The white color is used not only on the walls but also on kitchen cabinets with standard designs without many disturbing patterns and touches. For more efficient expenses, the use of curtains under the kitchen with this gold color can be an option to keep beautifying the kitchen on a budget.


Bedroom with Simple Arrangement
The master bedroom is an important area in a house. The existence of the room as a place to relax and rest from a series of activities needs to be designed in an attractive and still spacious way. The use of a mattress on this floor will be very appropriate if applied to a small house that does not present a large room. In addition, this concept can also be more flexible in its arrangement.



Indoor Clothesline that is Protected from the Rain


This tiny house is also equipped with a drying area in the house. The indoor drying area is also equipped with a transparent window with a trellis that provides security for the house but still provides maximum light entering and makes the laundry dry faster. Although not many people pay attention to it, the washing-drying area is also decorated with details that are able to give a beautiful appearance that is consistent and in line with other room concepts in this tiny house.






That's all for 7 Incredible Tiny Houses You'll Hardly Believe Are RealHopefully, those ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about DIY backyard ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream garden come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family!

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