7 Beautiful Houseplants for Hanging Baskets

Helloshabby.com -- The best way to make use of vertical space is to create a vertical garden. Consider a hanging basket with a suitable houseplant for it. There are so many types of ornamental plants or flowers that are suitable for hanging plants. Hanging baskets with beautiful colors and the sweet smell of hanging plant will make your home look more attractive. 

Let's take a look at these 7 Beautiful Houseplants for Hanging Baskets!

1. Cotyledon pendens


Cotyledon pendens or Cliff Cotyledon is a rare succulent shurblet with hanging stems and flowers. The shape is so cute, like numerous plum little candies. This plant is very dry-tolerant. The plants need little water, you can water it occasionally or infrequently. Cotyledon pendens is happy full sun or semi shade spot. 

2. Monstera adansonii


This viral plant was beautifully placed in a hanging basket on the veranda of the house. Moreover, this hanging basket is made of iron frame filled with coconut fiber which is shaped like a bird's nest. Native to the forest of Central and South America. Monstera adansonii is prone to root and leaf rot problems. So, try not to over-watering it. 

3. Hoya


Hoya is a fairly popular houseplant. Thanks to its luxuriant leaves as well as the fresh fragrance in the flowers. Many people put hoya as a plant for hanging baskets.  The leaves can grow dangling with beautiful pink and white flowers. This plant love humid condition so much. 

4. Spider Plant


A non-toxic plant that will take a hanging basket to the next level. Some types of spider plants produce sapling or "plantets" that grow from the main branch. The curved leaves, that dangle beautifully, make the hanging basket so lively. Place it in an area that often gets indirect sunlight.

5. Tradescantia nanouk


This plant has bright colors and can grow well even on a hanging basket. The leaves will garden and grow in the direction of the light. Tradescantia plants love moisture, but that doesn't mean it like overwatering. Regularly trim the elongated stems, so the leaves remain lush. 

7. Succulents


Succulents are quite famous as beautiful hanging basket plants. This plant is so aesthetically pleasing, with a variety of leaf shapes that seem to spill from their hanging baskets. There are various types of succulents that are suitable for hanging baskets, such as string of pearls, sedum morganianum, and more. 

7. Boston fern


Boston fern has green leaves that are refreshing to the eye. This type comes from the Americas in Mexico. Boston fern plant have a thin rhizome resembling a root with length of up to 1.5 meters. Place it on hanging basket in your bedroom to make a bedroom space more attractive. 

Hopefully, those 7 Beautiful Houseplants for Hanging Baskets are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about hanging baskets ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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