7 Beautiful Tiny House Pictures And Ideas


Helloshabby.com -- The trend of tiny houses is increasingly popular in many circles. Especially if the small house is well-designed, it will certainly be able to bring maximum comfort, with the development of architectural design, there are many beautiful tiny house designs that you can make as a reference.

If you are looking for inspiration for a tiny house, here are 7 beautiful tiny house pictures and ideas that you can make as a dream home!


 1. The facade of a beautiful tiny house

Want to have a tiny house with a beautiful facade? The idea of a home facade with peace shades can inspire you. This beautiful tiny house is made with a peaceful cottage-style design. Some greenery also makes the appearance of the facade more alive and blended with nature.

2. Using the open plan concept

The interior design of the open plan concept is often used to get around a small house to look spacious. When entering the house. we will be greeted by the living room, kitchen and dining room in one room. Combining the design of the room without a seal will make a more relieved impression.

3. One-line kitchen

This kitchen interior idea is made functional with a one-line model kitchen set. It is recommended for those of you who have a tiny house. The kitchen is also equipped with windows with plant decorations on the windowsill. The kitchen will feel refreshing.

4. Natural dining room

Near the kitchen is the dining room. The interior of the dining room is made in a minimalist style, but functional. The room also stays bright throughout the day with large windows.

5. Beautiful little bedroom

Although small, this bedroom still bedroom still offers comfort for residential owners. Carrying the concept of less is more, you can choose the main furniture such as bed and side table. That way, the bedroom will avoid the full impression. 

6. Outdoor living room

Create such a fun outdoor living room design with a beautiful pergola design. To add privacy as well as decoration, you can use curtain fabric that dangles down. Besides being beautiful, it also provides a more romantic atmosphere.

7. Bathroom in the bedroom

The design of the bathroom in this bedroom uses sliding doors, to help get around the size of a small room. In addition to being more practical, the use of sliding doors also makes the room look more elegant.

That's 7 beautiful tiny house pictures and ideas that you can use as a reference. I hope the information above is useful for you. Thank you. 

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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