Liven Up Your Space With the 7 Best Plants to Grow Indoor


Liven Up Your Space With the 7 Best Plants to Grow Indoor -- When you put a plant in the house and make it a refreshing tropical place, it means the next time you have to prepare for its treatment. The best plants present in the room do not need to be selected size and type. Anything, you can make an option to make the atmosphere more lively and refreshing. It should also be grateful if you have large space to make a garden in the room. Starting in the bedroom, window sills to the ceiling of the room, you can try everything. Here are some ornamental plants that you can make the choice to fill the interior with the room.

Monstera climber


To make the interior of a refreshing tropical-style room, this creeping Monstera plant becomes an attractive decoration in the corner of the room to the doorstep of the house. This will be unique if you combine it with a tropical home conference using transparent ventilation.


 Corner of the room with Monstera and Begonia


Next, move to the bedroom of the house. To keep indoor plants alive indoors, monstera and begonia can be one option. You can grow this plant in the corner of the room and the window. Combine it with other plants such as ZZ plant or begonias that are unique and beautiful flowering.

Calathea and functional partitions


Bringing fresh atmosphere at home is indeed a dream at this time. Various efforts are made by ornamental plant lovers or beginners to keep the space cool throughout the day. From the beginning of being placed on the floor, hanging on the side of the cabinet as seen. From this design you can choose one plant to be used as a focal point of space with calathea of any type. Other  plant companion you can choose as you please.


Sansevieria plant for the corner of the room


The next plant that you can choose to fill the room interior is Sanseviera. This plant is beautiful to fill the corner with the room that you can place in a rattan pot. Some types of Sansevieria for indoors you can check at 

Fiddle-leaf fig


In addition to ornamental plants that are short and can grow tall, fiddle-leaf fig you can make an option to become a tall indoor plant. This will produce beautiful visuals in the corner of the room, you can take care of it from small to growing up to make the concept space tropical.

Plant with best foliage



Type of ornamental plants that have beautiful foliage and can be an option to fill the corner with the room are Alocasia and Peperomia. This ornamental plant you can make  focal point in home with a combination of other beautiful plants such as variegate type.

Ferns plant


The next plant that can make the interior of your space fresher and looks tropical is ferns. Beautiful plants with quite diverse types such as Boston fern, deer horn ferns and several other types. You can place this plant in the bathroom to make the room more homey and cool.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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