7 Bunk Bed Ideas You Haven't Seen a Million Times Before

Helloshabby.com -- For those of you who have a minimalist home, of course, it is appropriate to be smart in determining the design and arrangement in order to create each room that has the maximum complete function. One area that needs attention is the children's room. To be able to create a charming room for two children, the use of a bunk bed can be the right choice for the minimalist residence you have. Place the two children in one room using a bunk bed, of course you still have to pay attention to the value of function as well as aesthetics. For those of you who are interested in a bunk bed model room, see the following review of 7 Bunk Bed Ideas You Haven't Seen a Million Times Before.


Minimalist Design with Soft Colors


These children's room with soft pink nuances will be perfect for your two daughters who like the feminine side. The use of a minimalist design will be very suitable when combined with soft colors that appear calm and relaxing. Not only that, this bunk bed is also equipped with curtains so that children still have privacy and can also be used as mosquito repellent curtains.


Use it as Storage


Having a bunk bed design, this room is smart enough to function its bed as storage, which can give a neat impression to a child's room. The use of this function as storage can be applied to the bottom bunk and also to the bunk bed stairs it has.



Use Smart Design


By having a bunk bed, these children's room still pays attention to design to provide comfort both in the lower and upper areas. The bed design has a zigzag design so that the child is always free when doing activities on the mattress without having to worry about hitting the top bunk. In an empty area, the use of a placement of a built-in cupboard is a smart choice to deal with rooms with limited space.



Functional Bunk Bed Area


Not only as a bed, you can design a bunk bed in these children's room to be an interesting area that children can enjoy before going to bed. Make a built-in storage that you can fill with your child's favorite reading book and can also be used as an effort to foster a reading culture from a young age.



Choosing the Right Color


These children's room with bunk bed has a bright and cheerful impression due to the use of white that dominates the room. The use of white color will make the impression that appears spacious and relieved in the child's room. Add a touch of bright color to this room to give a cheerful atmosphere that is always positive.



Attractive Decorations


Having a monochrome concept, a children's room that has a bunk bed can be used as a boy's or girl's room. The addition of matching decorations in this room can create an interesting atmosphere but still neat and does not come out of the monochrome concept it already has.



Inspirational Setup


These children's room with bunk bed has an attractive design that adapts to the needs of the child and also the size of the room. You don't have to arrange these beds in the same direction. Use a different arrangement and use other empty areas as storage placements for children's toys. With this design, children will enjoy a room with a spacious and functional impression. 


Hopefully, those 7 Bunk Bed Ideas You Haven't Seen a Million Times Before. are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about snake plant care. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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