7 Designer Bathrooms That Prove the Power of Pink

Helloshabby.com -- The bathroom is one of the core rooms whose existence is very important to complete the function of the house. Despite its relatively closed existence, the use of a beautiful concept still needs to be used in order to make the relaxation atmosphere in the bathroom feel more comfortable and of high quality. One of the concepts that can be applied is a bathroom with soft pink shades and gives a positive psychological effect. For those of you who are interested in pink bathrooms, see the following article about 7 Designer Bathrooms That Prove the Power of Pink.




A Touch of Gold in a Minimalis Bathroom


The first bathroom with the dominance of pink looks minimalist but has maximum functionality. The presence of a cubicle with transparent glass in this bathroom creates an impression that remains spacious and hygienic. To add a luxurious impression, use a touch of gold on the furniture inside.


Pastel Color Combination with Unique Furniture


Not only using pink, you can also combine colors that have similar soft tones to create the perfect variation in this bathroom. You can use these pastel pink and green colors, and you can use furniture that has a unique design and gives its own beauty to the bathroom.



 Elegant and Minimalist Look


Not using too many colors and furniture, this bathroom has an elegant minimalist look. The use of black in the shower makes the masculine side of the pink color that dominates it. Even though it uses a bathtub, this bathroom still features a transparent cubicle made of glass that can help prevent water from coming out of the bath area, so that it can keep the bathroom clean.



Window Design in a Small Bathroom


This pink bathroom has an interesting interior design to imitate. The use of brick motifs on the walls creates a separate dimension that is very harmonious when combined with the green plants around it. The more natural it feels, the presence of a window in this bathroom can provide a beautiful view and provide maximum lighting for your bathroom.



Curtain Cover on the Bathub Area


You don't have to use glass to create an elegant bathroom cubicle. You can also use fabric as a curtain cover as well as a bathroom cubicle. Choose a pink color that has an abstract and artsy motif to keep your bathroom edgy and trendy.



Elegant Design with Colorful Decoration


Spacious in size, this pink bathroom features natural abstract patterned floors and walls. Use elegant white furniture to balance the pink color in this bathroom. Finally, you can add wall decorations that have a colorful feel but still give an elegant impression.



Floor Pattern with Various Colors


This pink-themed bathroom has a variety of unique and interesting motifs. The use of motifs on this bathroom floor has quite a variety of colors so that it gives a different dimension and adds to the beauty of the pink bathroom you have.





Hopefully, those 7 Designer Bathrooms That Prove the Power of Pink. are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about snake plant care. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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