7 Poisonous Indoor Plants Common Toxic Houseplants


Helloshabby.com -- Houseplants are often used as decorations to beautify the room. Many houseplants have a beautiful and charming look. They are also frequently used to improve air quality. However, unfortunately, there are several types of plants that are dangerous for pets and human.

What are some poisonous plants that you should keep out of the reach of children? Here are poisonous indoor plants, common toxic houseplants that you should treat carefully!


1. Peace lily


 Peace lily becomes the first houseplant that has a beautiful but will be poison if ingested by humans and pets. If you had this plant at home, you can put it on the table, so it will be far-out-of-reach of children and pets.


 2. English Ivy


English ivy is the second plant that is poisonous when its leaves are consumed by humans and animals. They have the characteristic of beautiful green and white leaves.

3. Aloe vera


Aloe vera has many health benefits and makes the home more refreshing. But aloe vera is dangerous for pets, if consumed by all parts of the plant will cause stomach pain and vomiting.

4. Heartleaf philodendron


Heart philodendron is a popular plant this year. The plant is also often used for air filters and can survive in low light conditions. But this plant is poisonous to humans, dogs, and cats.

5. ZZ plant


ZZ plant is an indoor plant that is often used as a room decoration. But you have to be careful because all parts of this plant are poisonous. If you accidentally touch the leaves, it would be better if you immediately wash your hand with soap.

6. Jade plant


Another plant that turns out to be poisonous is the Jade plant. This plant is dangerous for pets. So if you have a Jade plant, put it in a place that is difficult for your pet to reach.

7. Snake plant


Who doesn't know snake plants? This plant is very popular, and has many benefits, one of which can clean the air well. But snake plants are dangerous when swallowed by pets and humans.

That's the 7th poisonous indoor plants common toxic houseplants review. Hopefully this toxic indoor plant information can be useful, and not make you afraid to grow plants. The presence of plants can refresh the eyes and calm our minds.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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