7 Stylish Living Room Decorating Designs

Helloshabby.com -- Who doesn't want to have an aesthetic living room? Everyone would want to. In today's era, even a small living room can be a spot that can be shared on our social media. So, what makes a living room look more stylish and worthy of admiration? One answer is a matter of decorating the living room. Stylish decorations don't have to be expensive, we'll share tips on 7 Stylish Living Room Decorating Designs with affordable budget.

Stylish vintage display rack


To make a stylish living room, you'll need a display of valuable artifacts. Present a shelf in a vintage design like this. This display rack features a closed drawer design and display case. Allows you to display and store multiple items at the same time. This display rack is perfect for displaying Asian-style pottery art. 

Focus on curves


Clean lines throughout this living room give it a clear statement. Even the detail of the curve of the corner lamp that traces to the floor is so soothing. Then, the single sofa with its soft looking curves makes it hard not to feel relaxed just by looking at it. 

Impactful coral color accents


Add a contrast to the living room furniture to avoid the impression o being monotonous. This classic green sofa is so beautiful with the addition of coral accents on the sofa cushions. Furniture and decorations in other coral tones provide a refreshing soft touch. 

Add texture


Adding a floor mat will not only beautiful the living room, but also give it a warm feel. Although it looks simple, this method can give the impression of being neat and organized. The presence of this floor mat can make the living room feel comfortably instantly. 

Beautiful plant decoration


In fact, plants can also provide a more stylish living room visual like this. Moreover, purple leafy plant is chosen. This purple leafy plant can be a special attraction in the living room. Place it on the windowsill to make every-space is well-filled

Make an artsy wall


Give decorative accents that will grab the attention in a minimalist living room. You can create an artsy wall from various artworks of various shapes. Ornamental plants in hanging shelves also look more lively for this artsy wall. That way, visiting guest are not focused on the size of the room, but they'll  stun to see the artsy wall in the living room. 

Apply a rustic design for a unique look


The rustic style prioritizes exposing the characteristic of the material as it is. The natural lines of exposed brick, wood fiber on the door frame, and the table become a living room decoration that present the priceless beauty of nature. The living room that is dominated with a rustic vibe, offers a natural and exotic look. 

Hopefully, those 7 Stylish Living Room Decorating Designs are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about living room designs. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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