Beautiful, Simple One-Story House with Amazing Roof Deck and Terrace -- We will take you to see a one-story house with amazing roof deck and terrace. The house has a roof deck with great views of the surroundings. This roof deck can also be used as any place according to the owner liking, such as place to relax, garden and so on. 

This house was built on an area of 72 square meters. It has a living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. Exterior and interior design carry on a minimalist style that make it even more special. In terms of development and interior design, this house can a great inspiration to build a house on a small budget. 

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Minimalist Exterior Design

The exterior of this house carries a minimalist style with a symmetrical building shape with minimal details. Simplicity also radiates from the use of the white color palette, while creating unique contrast between the open ground around it. This house will remind us of an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Simple Front Terrace 

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This house has a small elongated terrace as above. Choosing the right front porch position will make the terrace shady, even without a shade roof on it. Small plants are planted throughout the house as a cute mini living fence. 

Rice field view

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Farming or gardening is still a source of income for many people, especially in Southeast Asia. A house surrounded by rice fields can be a bonus for a residence. Green rice plants and fresh breezes make this roof deck a great place to breathe outside. This house is the perfect combination of modern and tropical living with nature views. 

 A Romantic Night in Roof Deck

The deck roof can be used as a romantic night picnic spot. Brighten up the space by installing string lights around the rug. The 'shining rug' is safe enough to avoid unwanted things happen. Just sit back and enjoying simple, but romantic dining will complete your day.   

Interior Area

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At home, you need entertainment, right? Likewise in this house. The homeowner put television as entertainment. Walls are also used as a spot to install unique clock like this one. 

Interior Area at Night

When winter comes, you'll need a warm and cozy living space. You can take this living room as a reference. The string light and Christmas decorations are integrated nicely with style. Just a simple touch can make beat the winter blues in your home. 

High ceiling for better air circulation

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From the outside, this one-story house does look short. However, the room in it still has a ceiling that is not so low. The ceiling is high enough to make the air circulation in the house not feel stuffy and hot. 

Minimalist Kitchen Inspiration

The small kitchen is enough for a one-story home like this one. This kitchen design includes a typical kitchen in Southeast Asian countries. White and wooden furniture are integrated nicely to create a spacious kitchen with natural touch on it. The windows maximized can be open up easily where the owner can make the atmosphere in the kitchen no too hot. 

Simple Dining Room

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A dining room can be a place to gather-together. To create a unified dining room with residential theme, the dining table and chairs were chosen in a sleek design. The chandelier on top of the dining set give a big impact in the dining space. Yes, it brightens up the space, but it is also adding a nice look to this minimalist and simple dining room.

Minimalist Master Bedroom

The concept of less is more, has proven to offer a simple but functional design. Reducing the use of furniture can also make a narrow room look wider and more spacious. With only a bed surrounded by beautiful satin curtains covering the window, it is enough to make the bedroom look stylish in simplicity.

The White Bathroom

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The small size of the bathroom is managed by choosing the color white. White tiles are installed along the walls to make the bathroom more spacious. The vertical space is also used as a place to store toiletries that are arranged in row. The natural brown flooring add a cozy ambience into this bathroom.

Hopefully, those Beautiful, Simple One-Story House with Amazing Roof Deck and Terrace is useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about home design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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