Cozy and Fresh, 7 Ways to Add Green to Your Home -- Green is often chosen to give a fresh impression. To give an inherent freshness, you can also apply green to any room at home. With so many green tones, select a fresh color to give a bright and cheerful impression while at the same time providing stability to your mood. For those of you who love green, check out the following reviews about Cozy and Fresh, 7 Ways to Add Green to Your Home.



Inspiring Outdoor Living Room


The application of the green color which dominates the terrace area still looks elegant with the use of green which tends to be white on the walls in the window area. Not only that, the use of the terrace as an outdoor living room is even more interesting with the existence of barrels that are recycled into chairs, tables, and shelves in green. You can imitate this so that it still provides its own aesthetic value and is also of course more budget efficient.


 Living Room with Maximum Decoration


Using green on the sofa and also the curtains, this living room has a plain white wall and ceiling area. To give a varied look, you can use the application of decorations on the walls and ceiling to enhance the appearance of the green living room you have. 


The Corner of the Relaxing Room at Home


To provide extra comfort at home, you can also use a relaxing spot in the corner of the house. Add a lounge chair with green cushions that are more compatible with the green walls you have. To give variety, use pads with leaf motifs to give a different impression that stays with the green color.


Dining Table in Green


This living room area does not have green dominance in the wall area. The use of green in the dining room is displayed on the chairs and tablecloths. The use of green in this area is enough to make a stunning and refreshing green look. To further add to the relaxed atmosphere when dining with family, choose a chair that has extra comfort with an elegant design.

Bright Small Kitchen


This small kitchen design with an L-shaped has a refreshing green look. In addition, wall decorations in the form of stickers in the kitchen area make the small kitchen look more varied and provide a cheerful atmosphere. The use of a minimalist cabinet in this kitchen can be used as storage that remains functional without having to disturb the kitchen wall space excessively.


Additional Wallpaper with Beautiful Patterns


The existence of this green bedroom has a fresh look because of the presence of green that dominates the entire room. Not only that, to add a varied impression, you can use wallpaper with a floral pattern on the side of the wall so as not to create a boring impression in this favorite room.

Budget-friendly Simple Bathroom


The last area that has a green nuanced to this house spot is the bathroom. The use of this green bathroom color is applied to wall tiles combined with white to give the impression that it remains broad and bright. No need to use expensive furniture, use makeshift furniture but still have maximum function.

Hopefully, those Cozy and Fresh, 7 Ways to Add Green to Your Home. are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about snake plant care. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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