Great Ideas for Classy Plant Stands -- Having houseplants makes you have to be able to display them as cool as possible. It's not enough to just use a container or pot. Your plants, especially small potted plants, can be invisible or even stepped on without you knowing it. For that, you need plant stands.  

Plant stands will help to provide the best visual display for plants. They will make simple and inexpensive plants look even more classy. Plant stands are also a decorative feature that brightens up your living space. For you, we've rounded up Great Ideas for Classy Plant Stands. 

Cute plant stand for windowsill tiny plants


Yes, the windowsill is one of the best places to put indoor plants. Although, you can arrange your tiny plants neatly lined up on the windowsill, but this arrangement look so mediocre. Make it more special by choosing this small, but multi-level plant stand. The design is so sleek and fits perfectly for windowsill tiny plant on cute pots. 

Classy plant stand of sturdy steel metal 


If you love classy things, then you can't miss this classy plant stand of sturdy steel metal wire. This plant stand supports potted plants so beautifully. Makes your indoor plants look stand-out more. This plant stand is also so classy with classic color, such as silver, black and copper. It features a finish of a rust-proof coating, makes this plant long-lasting.

A beautiful plant standee 


A beautiful plant stand like this is needed to lift-up a corner in your home. Pay attention to the height of the plant stand when you are about to buy one. Choose one that looks harmonious with other home-furniture. You can place your Calathea plants that has a unique and beautiful-patterned leaves. This plant standee will help you to make every space so stunning with your lovely plants. 

Unique plant stand: another way to hang a plant


Have you ever seen a plant stand like this one above? The design is so unique. The curved piece of wood is firmly supported on a thick wooden base. At the end of the wooden arch, attached a small but strong hook to hang the plant. Plant hanger from the same wooden base (in unique shape) tied to white ropes to make the plant hang beautifully. 

Multi-layer wooden plant stands


Wooden plant stands are a very classic plant stand option. If you choose a multilayer model like this, you'll get more space to display your indoor plants. The multi level shape will also make your corner space look more dimensional. The wooden plant stand that seems to blend with nature ambience.

Spiral Classical Plant Stand


No matter how small your corner is, there is always a space for greenery. Get around a small corner space by choosing a plant stand design in the form of a spiral staircase like this. It can hold up to 6 indoor plants. The color, detail and make this plant standee have classic and antique vibe. 

Thanks for reading Great Ideas for Classy Plant Stands till the end of the page. If you are interested in some classy plant stands above, you can ask the Instagram account listed there. If not, you can look at the nearest furniture store and look for similar design in the pictures above. 

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