Small Garden Ideas: 7 Ways To Maximize the Potential Of Your Garden Space -- Want to create a garden but have limited land? You don't have to worry, we will share some beautiful small garden designs. The presence of plants in the house can make the atmosphere the house cooler.

Here are small garden ideas: 7 ways to maximize the potential of your garden space that you try at home!

 1. Design a small garden with terracotta pots


Tips for creating a small garden first is to determine the theme of the garden design. The small garden above looks beautiful with the use of Terracotta pots. Terracotta pots bring garden vibes that re-blend with nature.

2. Small garden with blue decors

 The next tip is to determine the decoration that suits the theme of the house. This tiny house is filled with soothing shades of light blue. The front garden of this house you can decorated with a beautiful blue garden chair.

3. Vertical garden concept


There are many ways to get around the small size of the land. One of them is to apply the concept of vertical garden. Creating a vertical garden or living wall is not to difficult, you can use the wall area to make it. 

4. Small garden with beautiful plants

 The idea of the front garden of this house is made with a simple design ad easy for you to try at home. To get around the small size of the garden, you can put various plants in pots close to the terrace wall. Easy and beautiful, isn't it?

5. Organize the garden neatly


Tips for a small garden to look neat organized, you can group plants according to their type. Choose the same color and size of the pot. In addition to neat, small garden also beautiful and stunning.

 6. Small garden with trails


Although small, the garden of this house is made with beautiful trails. The combination of green grass and natural stone gives a garden atmosphere that blends with nature.


 7. Small Garden near the kitchen


Make a fun cooking experience with a beautiful garden design. This small garden although small still brings a cool atmosphere in the room. In addition to green grass, the owner blends with the vertical garden that refreshes the eyes.

That's an example and a small garden tip that you can try at home. I hope the information above is useful. Good luck!

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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