7 Cool Kids Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas

Helloshabby.com --  Not only comfort which is the main point in presenting a child's room, the use of the right design and decoration will provide an amazing concept for a child's room to support its growth. Children's rooms with attractive and functional designs and decorations are able to provide a positive atmosphere and help brain development with a variety of decorations that are presented in the bedroom. These cool designs and decorations can be in the form of choosing colors, motifs, patterns, and the use of furniture in them. You can use smart concepts in your room by listening to the following reviews about 7 Cool Kids Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas.



Inspirational Bed


This small children's room has a smart concept by using a bunk bed that has storage on the stairs. With storage on the stairs and under the bed, the room can look neat and clean from many children's toys. In addition, this storage will be able to increase children's awareness of cleanliness and discipline behavior from an early age.

Attractive Design and Decoration


These children's room design chooses to use soft colors that are calming and able to give a sketch of a large space. However, don't worry that the child will feel bored, because the presence of a pattern in this room can be an enchanting focal point. The use of these various shapes and colors will not only provide variety to the appearance of a child's room, but will also help train children's nervous development and provide a cheerful and not boring atmosphere.

Maximum Design and Decoration

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Children's room designs that are identical with various colors and patterns are also displayed in this child's room. The use of color with a conceptual decorative pattern creates a beautiful and cheerful atmosphere for a child's room. Not only that, the use of colorful floor carpets will also provide security for children when they are active in the room. Turning to the wall area, maximizing the area filled with bookcases and other decorations makes this room have a fairly perfect function.



Small Safe Bed for Children


The next design of the children's room which has a soft color has unique furniture in the design of the bed. The use of a bed with this model can provide security for children so as not to fall while sleeping. The upper frame of the bed can also be used as a mosquito net hook that protects children from mosquito bites. For a child's room that remains attractive, combine this tiny bed with folding paper decorations in various colors. You don't need to buy the decorations, make this origami with your child for a harmonious atmosphere that you can capture in your memories.



Walls Using Foam Material


These children's room design has a calming, soft color combined with a small heart motif that spreads on the walls of the room. The wall decoration in the form of a small motif is combined with wall foam in the form of a fence mounted on the lower wall. The use of wall foam can provide security for your child because the material is soft.

Calming Simple Nuance


The next child's room has a simple design with a combination of soft colors that have a touch of painting that is able to give personification for children who are cheerful and colorful. If you choose to use a bed in a child's room, use a mattress with a wide size so that the child can be free and minimize the risk of falling. Finally, you can also add a study table in the room, so that children can have quality learning that is focused and remains comfortable with the atmosphere of their bedroom.

Monochrome Children's Room


The last child's room design that you can imitate has a calming monochrome color combination. This colliding triangular pattern has different colors and patterns so that it can give a varied appearance that suits the concept of a child's room, but the use of these colors and patterns still gives a unique, elegant impression. Not to forget, the existence of a room that has a large window design also gives a bright and spacious impression to the room. If you want to give a shady impression to the room, use curtains that still have the same color as this monochrome children's room concept.

That's all for 7 Cool Kids Bedroom Design and Decor IdeasHopefully, those ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about DIY backyard ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream garden come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family!

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