7 Dreamy Kids' Bedroom Design and Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- You need more than just comfort to design a child's dream bedroom. It takes design and creative ideas that will make a child's room so fun and charming. The more comfortable and creative, the child's bedroom will provide a tremendous influence on their psychological and physiological development.

The following ideas are tips to help you decorate your kid's bedroom. May be one of these kids bedroom design are the dream bedroom your child has been dreaming of for a long time. We've pulled up 7 Dreamy Kids' Bedroom Design and Ideas.

Playing with bright color

Childhood is something that must be celebrated. Make a child's childhood more meaningful with a bedroom design in a bright color like this. Blue is a light color that is often recommended for children's bedrooms. The blue color on the walls give imagination of a vast sky. The blue walls also gives a warm and friendly atmosphere to the room. Get more creative by designing the ceiling with a shape like a small sun that illuminates the room. 

Double bed with pink Minnie character 

This pink bedroom is perfect for sisters or twin girls. Double bed allows limited space to be more optimal. The pink color and the Minnie mouse pattern make the bedroom more characterful, so adorable and beautiful, even on a small space. Since the bed linen was already vibrant enough, the floor and walls left in pink plain color to keep things from going overboard.

Night sky theme

Children love imaginative things, like space and sky views. You can design a child's bedroom in a night sky theme like this. Star and moon patterns are perfect for bedroom walls and ceilings. In addition to the beautiful night sky theme, this bedroom also has complete features for your little one, such as a study table and wardrobe. 

Sweet and functional kid's room

Make your child feel loved by presenting a beautiful bedroom, like this one. This bedroom can be used for twin girls, with two beds and two chairs for studying. The bedroom walls maximize. Shelves and cabinets installed on the walls to allow the kids to store more items and room decorations. This bedroom looks so cute with a beautiful pink color around it. 

Creative wall art 

This bedroom design is definitely a dream room for many children. The arrangement looks simple, but the features in it are so unique that it makes the room more special. Creative wall art in the form of colorful rainbow add a splash of joy to the room. The room also more colorful, thanks to the addition of the rug in colorful and bustling pattern. 

Fun and magical kids' bedroom design


Design your kid's room with magic, called creativity. The mesmerizing rainbow, the mythical unicorn and the secretive tree house. These things will make a kids' bedroom look so magical and fun. Apart from being a place to sleep, this bedroom design is also a cool and fun place to play with their friends. 

Adorable kid with Mr. Bunny Bed


You can add a great statement to the kid's bedroom. For example, picking Mr. Bunny bed that give an adorable bedroom look. In the corner of the room, there is an attractively designed reading nook. Although, there are not many items, these two large pieces of furniture are ready to give happy memories to children. 

That's all for 7 Dreamy Kids' Bedroom Design and Ideas. Invite your children to design and decorate the bedroom of their dreams. If you are interested, show the 7 bedroom designs above to your child. And pick one they like. 

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