8 Best Beautiful Pergola Ideas

8 Best Beautiful Pergola Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Relaxing in the heat under the hot sun is not very nice. Especially if you want to relax comfortably around the house. Should be relaxed, so the most beautiful activities are done in free time, just because the heat of the sun relaxes so boring. There is one way to cope with your relaxing at home comfortably without having to be under the heat of the sun. You can use the pergola which is a skeleton placed in the yard around the house as a shade. If you are twisted by the idea of a beautiful pergola, see the idea below:

Pergola with polycarbonate roof


Wood pergola design with polycarbonate roof is enough standard for your yard. But not with the visible pergola design, a UV-equipped roof with a bright roof will make light penetrate easily.

The pergola design connected to the patio is equipped with pipes for water flow during the rainy season.

Minimalist pergola with pattern shape


For some homes, having a garden at the back is very promising for relaxing activities and big days. You can design it with interesting ideas made from minimalist pergola with pattern shapes. Wood pergola or stainless white minimalist, you can choose a fascinating geometric pattern model. Complete outdoor lights shades warm light scattered and look romantic.

Elegant light steel pergola


This lightweight steel pergola design could be the inspiration. With an elegant pitch black color will be very beautiful to fill the back garden of the house. Complete with a sofa as a seat. Ornamental with various decorations in the form of rattan or bulb lights for lighting at night.

Open wooden pergola without roof cover


The next pergola idea that you can apply at home is an open wooden pergola without a roof cover. The arrangement of a regular and spaced pergola frame is deliberately left without a cover so that it is flexible for you to use a spandex type roof, membrane of fabric to be more aesthetic. Complete with a set of sofas and pillows with synthetic rattan furniture and various ornamental plants.

Elegant wood pergola idea


With a simple design but still beautiful, the pergola behind this house only has one pole. Because the pergola model connected to the walls of the house becomes a natural thing to be randomized to save work time.

Wood painted in pitch black is very sweet with exposed brick walls without finishing.

Light steel pergola with red cloth


The area that is often used as a gathering place is the back garden of the house. Like a big Christmas or Valentine's Day. The back garden of the house will be more beautiful with this beautiful pergola. Selected lightweight steel materials and red fabrics selected for attractive appearance. It looks attractive with a red sofa with warm wooden decks.

Beautiful ethnic upheaval


Ideas that you can make an example this time are very stylish. With a neatly arranged wooden pergola with a tassel roof from tree branches or dried sugar cane leaves. A pergola like this is suitable for you to use in a villa house or inn.

Wood pergola in the winter


As a beautiful decoration in the winter, you can make the pergola at home safe and comfortable. Use a transparent or flexible glass cover, can be without a roof so that snow soaks the pergola decks. This black wood pergola design is elegant with beautiful details of a neat frame.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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