7 Green Kitchen Ideas That You Can Imitate Well

Helloshabby.com -- Green is usually synonymous with the freshness of nature with positive nuances. The application of green in homes is also increasingly being done, because, it is felt, that it can provide positive energy that affects mood. One of the uses of green at home is in the kitchen. A kitchen that has a green color will give a fresh view in the midst of cooking activities that cause stuffy air. For kitchen designs in green, see the following article about 7 Green Kitchen Ideas that you Can Imitate Well.



 Minimalist Kitchen Set

The first kitchen design has a minimalist size that uses green on the cabinet and table doors. The choice of green color, with a sharp tone, was chosen to match the plain white walls around it. For an impression that remains varied, add a floor mat that has a beautiful pattern with a different green color.



Green Leaf Pattern

The next green kitchen design has a linear model that has a leaf concept that appears on the kitchen table curtain motif and also the stove. While the other small furniture, was chosen with a plain model to keep it balanced with each other. You can add additional plants to the kitchen with a concept like this.



Bright Green Kitchen

Having a small kitchen with a green concept will be right by applying this one design. The choice of light green color is a beautiful choice with a clean and bright white combination. You can add a wall sticker on the backsplash to make it more varied.



Beautiful Green Kitchen in White Room

Not too domineering, the green color used in this kitchen appears from the cloth curtains, stove, and wall shelves. The use of a white wall base color can make a broad impression in the room. For a fresher impression, you can add plants that are suitable to be placed in the room.



Marble Pattern on the Kitchen Table

The next green kitchen has a touch of marble on the table so that it gives a natural impression and beautiful strokes. Ornamental plants, are also used in small sizes, so they don't interfere with the space in the kitchen.



Open Plan Room in the Kitchen Area

Different from other kitchen designs that use white on the walls. In the kitchen this time, the walls were chosen to use green, while white was used in the kitchen set. The existence of this kitchen is in an open design that seems to blend with other rooms. The higher surface in the kitchen becomes the boundary of each area.



A Green Kitchen that has a Soft Color

This last kitchen design has a dominating green color, but the selection of soft tones, is used so as not to cause a monotonous and boring appearance. The combination of white will look together with this soft green tone.




Hopefully, those 7 Green Kitchen Ideas that you Can Imitate Well. are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about snake plant care. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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