7 Pretty and Cool Bedroom Design for Girls


7 Pretty and Cool Bedroom Design for Girls

Helloshabby.com -- Some girls love the design of a bedroom that is soft, beautiful and still cool. While others may tend to be more with striking colors with festive decorations. But when they grow up, of course, festive decorations need to be reduced to make the room more mature and show maturity. But still with a comfortable and happy effect. Such as the selection of furniture, important decorations in the form of mirrors or other art. With the following inspiration, you can make an example for a girl's bedroom in a favorite house.

Earth tone decorations

This natural theme girls room combine some wooden furniture with parquet floors that create a dynamic impression from each side, as well as the selection of mattress beds and beautiful cartoon -themed seagrass carpets. Lighting remains number one for lighting during the day.

Soft and Chic

Redecorating the princess' bedroom with a friendly and gentle theme will give the impression of comfort and more idealistic. This neat arrangement from various angles uses a blend of soft pink, lavender and soft beige. Combined again with the classic theme on the use of mirrors that are like the king's daughter.

Rattan decoration with lavender bed linen

The main focus on the child's bedroom this time is not just from its neat arrangement. The soft lavender color on the bed linen and walls gives a bright effect. This design is perfect for applying to small rooms, you can add another illusion with a full standing mirror Tumblr lamp.

Scandinavian style

Girls' bedrooms with neutral shades are perfect for small sizes. Moreover, Scandinavian style dominated this room with white color, and pale wood. The bedroom will be brighter and airier because it is balanced with large windows, mirror and room lights.

Sweet and soft bedroom

The following idea looks simple with limited decoration. Beautiful arrangement from various angles with the concept of a mattress below without a bed gives a safe and comfortable effect for children. Simply decorate with soft children. Simply decorate with soft colors and cheerful rainbow shades.

Bed sleeping on the floor

Interesting bedroom concept you can investigate with the selection of furniture. For example, a mattress sleeps on the floor without a bed that is near the window. Beautiful visuals you can create from the selection of furniture such as side table to display shelves along the walls.

Add wallpaper

To be more impressive, you can change the look of the bedroom with classic wallpaper with modern gray. Will give a dynamic impression, you can combine with the selection of rattan decorations or fur blankets on the mattress.


Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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