7 Stunning Dreamy Kitchen Ideas


7 Stunning Dreamy Kitchen Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Having a small kitchen is not a problem if you design and make proper use of small corners. Apply a minimalist kitchen with a limited budget and certainly does not require many materials to other furniture. Even a small kitchen can be a dream for a small house whose area is limited. You can see your dream in the review below:

Minimalist kitchen purple color

Slim size in the kitchen is not a problem, you can not make the interior and the selection of furniture neatly arranged. Letter L shape with stove table is made low so that cooking activities you can do by sitting alone. Complete cabinet and beautified shade of purple style.

Dream kitchen without a top cabinet

Optimize the kitchenette at home with the selection of a maximum L-shape kitchen table as a storage space and prepare dishes. The layout and arrangement are neatly arranged, even without the top cabinet. Replaced with a patch model rack for furniture that is pink, looks commensurate.


 Refreshing shades of green

This could be one option when you have a small kitchen. Shades of green make the mood improve with neat furniture. Maximized for a place to store all cooking needs, kitchen spices you can store on an open model display rack like this.


Elegant kitchen that is organized

This small size in the kitchen only fits the L-shape table with an elegant combination of black and pink. To put aside its small size, rearrange the wall area with additional shelves to make it practical and organized. Choose all furniture with the same color to be idea and stylish.

Minimalist pink is a dream

You will certainly have this pink kitchen to meet all kitchen needs with a neat arrangement and attractive visuals. Storage is diverted to the cabinet of the paste model, so that the decoration fits, and is directed to choose pink with a little other striking color.

Kitchenette and dining room

The latter is arguably quite complex for cooking and eating activities with family. Purple shades remain attractive with a clean white color combinations. Reinforced again with some ornamental plant decorations to break the interior into more stylish.


Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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