7 Villa Design for Open Concept Interior Junkies


8 Villa Design for Open Concept Interior Junkies

Helloshabby.com --Much more comfortable if you live in a villa near a rice field with an outdoor concept. The villa is indeed a good tourist place to stay on vacation and pamper themselves. We also have the idea of a beautiful villa that opens with rice fields. From this place you can spoil the eyes and mind with the completeness of furniture that is suitable between the concept of the house and the rice fields, Suitable for you to try the design below:


 Villa with thatched roof

The open design on the villa this time looks relieved, has a minimalist white exterior. The use of wood materials for villa pillars as well as thatched roofs is very strong for villa design near rice field. Contrasting lines that are not detailed still make the villa look more modern and warm. Surrounded by a small garden beside the house with a coll swimming pool to relax.

Relaxing area with rice fields view

You will enjoy this place comfortably with your partner. New experiences are started by enjoying the expanse of green rice fields. Comfort will be obtained in this villa because it provides a relaxing place with a padded stand complete with sleeping pillows.


 Outdoor bedroom between swimming pools

With several bedrooms, this villa places one of its rooms outside the pool. In beautiful design and residents remain comfortable using the roof of the pyramid model of straw material. Decks are also made higher than usual with comfortable bed fittings. Added lighting for night lighting. Even you do not have to worry about using this room at night because it is guaranteed to be safe.

Aesthetically minimalist dining room

The interior that you can enjoy while in this villa is with the completeness of the dining room. Table of cement cast material that fits for 6-8 people. Provide loose space for decoration on the table.

Because the concept is open, fresh air and maximum lighting can enter the room evenly without obstacles.

Garden with a fishpond

Another best view of the villa you can enjoy throughout the day is a garden with a fishpond. The corner of the area is also used for fresh, unsightly shakers. With the accent of the footpath above, it makes this fishpond more aesthetic.

Honey moon-flavored bedroom

This bedroom will suit you as a newly married couple. The best honeymoon place is a villa with fresh outdoors enjoyed throughout the day. Minimalist elegant style remains one of the options. Especially with glass door and windows that hold the shade and sunlight enter easily.

Workspace in the corner of the room

The villa this time still makes its residents productive for the work left behind. Equipped with a workspace located in the corner of the full area of chairs and tables. The minimalist style of monochrome theme is very beautiful to be an option in this unique and refreshing villa. Transparent curtains that impressed tassels are very aesthetic, adding decorative to the room.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Lynda
Editor       : Munawaroh
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