6 Beautiful Green House Ideas & Designs


 Helloshabby.com -- The color green symbolizes nature that can bring a feeling of peace. Green, often associated with luck and health. Try to bring a residential atmosphere that feels more beautiful and fresh by applying green shades. 

Interested in bringing freshness to green at home? Let's take a look at the inspiration of 7 beautiful green house ideas & designs that you can make as a reference!

1. Natural green terrace

Try using a bright green color to beautify the front porch of the house. For a more natural impression, use a combination of wooden doors to make the house look more alive. A pair of chairs of the same color will also accompany your relaxed in the afternoon.

 1. Tropical concept interior design

Entering the house, we will find a corner of the space that is used as a relaxing place to relax with family. There is a beautiful Monstera carpet. Also present greenery for a cooler atmosphere.

 2. Beautiful green living room

 Create a living room feels cooler with the dominance of green. A brown sofa with an L shape manages to be a focal point for a more elegant look. The combination of chocolate and wood brings a more natural space atmosphere.

 3. Fresh green bedroom

The quality of sleep will be sound with the dominance of green shades. The design of the bedroom made low bed to make the room look more spacious. In addition to the walls try to blend with same bed linen color for a more harmonious look.

4. Minimalist green dining room

The design of the dining room designed minimalist, suitable for those of you who like simplicity. The dining table made with a capacity of two stands, recommended for your newly married couples.

5. Green kitchen letter L

 Another green room that you should not miss is the kitchen. This L-shape kitchen idea looks functional is a narrow room The dominance of green color also makes cooking more fun.

 6. Green laundry room

Tired of the mediocre laundry room look? Try to use a tropical theme. In addition to cool, the green color and leaf motifs  also beautify the look of the room.

That's 6 beautiful green house ideas & designs that can inspire you. I hope the information above can be useful for you, Thank you.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : Various Source

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