Modern Native Small House Interior Design -- Today, there are more and more home interior designs in various styles. From the minimalist, modern to the grand and luxurious. Even so, a house with a native or traditional touch will not be left behind. This is because native houses provide a warm, unique and comfortable stay. 

Moreover, now native homes can also be combined with modern design on home buildings or furniture, which makes living even more comfortable and memorable. If you are interested in a house with a native and modern vibe, take a look at these Modern Native Small House Interior Design.

Open living room with unique bamboo accents


Speaking of modern native homes, you certainly will not miss bamboo, either as construction materials or home furniture. Bamboo is a characteristic in native homes, especially in Southeast Asia. 

The use of bamboo in the living room like this, present you the impression of  room that is natural, ethnic and so homey. What is unique about this living room is the woven bamboo walls in black diamond pattern that makes the room stand out. Rough floors also present a harmonious visual unity of space. 

Aesthetic old school corner

A native house is incomplete without traditional or old-fashioned decorations and furniture. Turn the corner of your house into a special gallery to display a collection of ethnic and old-school furniture. Everything looks so perfect with the wooden floors and the wooden mesh walls covered with special fabrics to provide privacy. 

Modern TV room with traditional elements


Television is a sign of modernity. Wall TVs with wooden cabinets provide a sleek and compact space visual. Brown patterned-wallpaper as a TV backdrop so blend with wooden furniture and wooden decorations around it. This TV room looks exclusive, thanks to the entrance area, which is with wooden sills with a smooth surface. 

Compact wooden stairs design

Modern native style houses are more complete with wooden staircase design like this one. This staircase is suitable for connecting the ground floor with the mezzanine floor. The use of solid wood remains safe to step on for a long period of time. The stairs also have wooden railings as an additional safety for children or adults. 

Green pantry under the mezzanine floor


The space-under the mezzanine area, is put to good use as a pantry. The design of the room has a green and wood concept to make it not out-of-style with other rooms. This pantry looks more unique and attractive, with a wooden ceiling with exotic blue neon lights. 

Fresh and simple bedroom

It is not difficult to create a native modern bedroomUse a sturdy wooden bed as the main bedroom furniture. Decorated with small decorations but gives a fresh atmosphere. This all-white bedroom looks clean and tidy. The presence of flower curtains will make the room less dazzling.

Small-space garden


Native houses are usually always surrounded by natural nuances. If you live in a densely populated area, it is indeed difficult to get a natural fresh atmosphere. You can make one to complement your native modern home. Fill with a variety of houseplants. Add a small fountain to cool the small garden of your house. 

Hopefully, those Modern Native Small House Interior Design is useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about home interior design and decor ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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