6 Modern Japannese Interior Design That Can Inspire You

 Helloshabby.com -- Japanese style home design became one of the popular designs  and many have enthusiasts. Minimalist Japanese house is a combination of a beautiful traditional and modern look. The characteristic of the design are simple but can bring a homey atmosphere, becoming a characteristic of Japanese homes.
If you are interested in building a Japanese style house. Here, we will share, 7 Modern Japanese interior Design, that can inspire you!

1. Simple home facade

The facade of the house with a touch of Japanese style is identical to a simple design. The dominance of white color, and the selection of environmentally friendly materials, make the house seem comfortable to live in. The existence of the front garden of the house also managed to make the house cooler and beautiful.

1. Living room with a touch of wood

 Environmentally friendly materials, such as wood and bamboo, are one of the characteristics of Japanese homes. The dominance of environmentally friendly materials makes the look of the house more natural and blended with nature. The existence of windows with large sizes, also makes the room look bright throughout the day.

2. Using the open plan concept

To give the impression of a small room looks more spacious, try to use the concept of an open plan, without a room divider. As in the picture above, between the living room, dining room, and kitchen left to merge in one room The room looks more relieved.

 3. Use neutral colors

 Another characteristic in Japanese homes is the use of the dominance of neutral colors that can bring a quieter residential atmosphere. The combination of white, gray, and brown color derived from wood managed to make the residential atmosphere more comfortable.

4.  Using simple furniture

 The simplicity of Japanese home design manages to bring balance in the house. You can use simple model furniture, that the room remains relieved. You will certainly feel at home.

5. Minimalist bathroom

 To give the impression of a wider room, you can try using mirror decoration in the bathroom. In addition to wood material, the wall looks luxurious with a touch of beautiful granite.

6.  Beautiful simple bedroom

 This Japanese-style bedroom looks charming with a dominance of bright color. To make the look of the room look relieved, the roof combined with transparent glass walls. The interior of the room also designed simply to add a comfortable impression.

That's 6 modern Japanese interior design that can inspire you. Hopefully, the information above can be useful for you. Thank you.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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