9 Happy, Yellow Interior Design Ideas for You

Helloshabby.com -- Color does set the mood. If you want to bring a burst of sunshine in your home, then setting yellow as your interior theme is a good idea. Yellow is associated with cheery, bright and warm impressions. Gives a cozy and happy feeling to the home. 

The yellow color is quite eye-catching. You need to be careful in applying it. Due to any mistakes, your interiors will be too flashy and make you uneasy. As a reference, we want to show you an example of an interior design in yellow that looks attractive, comfortable and perfect for even a small house. 

For more ideas, here are 9 Happy, Yellow Interior Design Ideas for You.

Cozy and aesthetic yellow living room


Many people apply yellow in small quantities. Worried if the room looks flashy. In fact, you can really highlight the yellow. You can apply yellow to the walls. Add geometric gray accents to the walls, and decorate the frames to display rattan works. The combination with all-white furniture will not make the living room look so awkward. 

Yellow hallway

A yellow-themed interior is incomplete if the hallway without a touch of yellow. You can make it look in line with the previous living room wall. Beautify the hallway with frame decorations containing memorable photos. So, this yellow hallway will also be an unforgettable spot. 

Bright, yellow bedroom


Make sure you choose the right mix-and-match for your yellow bedroom. Yellow goes beautifully with white color. This combination gives a visual space that looks clean, bright and fun. Moreover, the yellow is the focal point, while the white is the color that balances it. Making this yellow bedroom not look too overwhelming. 

Low bed design with white-yellow geometric wall

For a small bedroom space, a lower bed is a good option. A lower bed gives the appearance of a more spacious and airy space. You can use a low bed like a wooden platform, or just put your mattress on the floor. This arrangement will make the yellow and white walls in the form of random geometric lines appear more stand out. 

Lounge as bright as summer


The interior design of this space will remind you of a bright and fresh summer atmosphere. Thanks to the full yellow walls, with blue sofas and greenery. These three things are enough to give  a summer vibe, but provide a pleasant freshness. White floors and glass windows are also very helpful to make this simple but dreamy lounge comes true. 

Strict and aesthetic rule sticker

Every house has its own rules. Including this yellow house, which also functions as a homestay. To make the residents of the house know and obey the rules, there's nothing wrong with putting up a sticker containing the rules of the house. It looks strict, but still making the corner of the house still aesthetic. 

Bright and cozy dining room


Eating in a space that is too yellow can give you an uncomfortable feeling. Homeowners get around this cleverly. The walls of the dining room use the lightest shade of yellow, and are not flashy. The walls also contain cutlery decorations and rattan work that looks perfect with the solid wood chairs and dining table. Meanwhile, a striking yellow accent placed on the ceiling, so as not to disturb the focus of the room.

Simple but cool kitchen

You can design the kitchen is a simple way. Upper cabinet removed. Storage is maximized on the wall area, such as hanging rod to put cooking utensils and wall spice racks. The kitchen walls use wood shades that contrast with the countertops. This wall is also beautified with plant paintings that make the kitchen more artsy. 

Hopefully, the article titled '9 Happy, Yellow Interior Design Ideas for You'  is really useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about yellow house interior design.  You can use it as an inspiration to make your version of the best yellow house.

In our hopes, Helloshabby always wishes the best for the dear reader. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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