7 Children's Bedrooms for a Minimalist Room

Helloshabby.com -- Minimalist homes are sometimes an obstacle to presenting a spacious and comfortable room. However, actually with the right design will provide maximum comfort even in a minimalist space. One of the spaces that must be presented in the house is the children's room. The children's bedroom, is presented as a private space that can practice independence and privacy. For a children's bedroom design that is suitable for a minimalist room, see the following article about 7 Children's Bedrooms for a Minimalist Room.



Bunk Bed Design in a Minimalist Room


In addition to twins, the bunk bed design can also be used for 2 children in order, to make the most of the space. In these child's bedroom design, shades of green, were chosen for its freshness and positive energy. For an impression that remains attractive, wall stickers, are decided at a more affordable price and do not need to take up space in this minimalist bedroom.



Minimalist Interior Design


The next child's bedroom has a minimalist-style interior design. This bedroom design is suitable for children who are starting to grow up to be teenagers so that they are more comfortable in a simple room and not many attractive details on the walls. The choice of bed will still be safe because children at this age are able to control themselves, so it doesn't matter for a rather high bed. Additional cupboards and study tables will be very suitable to be added to this minimalist room.



Practical Bunk Bed


Different from other bunk bed designs that use a high and permanent bed arrangement. In this minimalist child's bedroom design using a more practical bunk bed that can be removed and stored as needed. So, it can be used for 2 children in one room. Otherwise, the lower mattress will help keep the child safe while sleeping in the upper bunk.



Conceptual Childrens Bedroom


These child's bedroom with a minimalist room uses the jungle concept in the room. This will provide a smart variation for a minimalist room, and can also help develop a child's mindset as well as an interesting learning medium. It doesn't have to be a jungle theme, adjust the concept of the room to things that are liked by children, so they don't get bored while in it and have a high enthusiasm for learning from the little things around them.



Bed Design that is not High


Having a bedroom with a bunk bed design, the use of the design, is still considered high so that it is safe for children. The color selection, was also chosen with soft colors for the impression of a calming and spacious room. On the empty side of the floor, you can use a rug that has a pattern for children's play and also provide books to fill empty time while in the bedroom.



The Perfect Layout


These child's bedroom has a relatively small room size so that the interior design in it is a determinant of comfort for children. The choice of a mattress with a single size can be an option for the surrounding space that is still comfortable and not cramped. On the walls, this child's bedroom uses attractive decorations for a cheerful, colorful atmosphere.



Colorful Child's Room


The last child's bedroom design has a bright combination. The use of the walls, is chosen with an orange color that has simple decorations that do not interfere with the appearance of a minimalist room. On the lower wall, additional wall foam, is used to make it safer for children because it has a soft and thick material.







Hopefully, those 7 Children's Bedrooms for a Minimalist Room. are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about snake plant care. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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