7 Green Room Ideas With Refreshing Style

Helloshabby.com -- Green rooms promise a more fused home atmosphere with nature. Green associated with balance, plants, and luck. It turns out that there are many shades of green that you can use as home decors.

We have summarized 7 green room ideas with refreshing style that you can make as a reference. Let's look together!



 1. Living room with green sofa

Create a fresh living room design with a green sofa as a focal point. While, the interior of the wall left with white to make the impression of a clean look and more relieved room. Other green colors can be obtained from plants that refresh the air.

2. Beautiful green partition

 Using a room partition in addition to helping separate the two functions of the room can also beautify the look. The idea of partitioning this room looks interesting with green cabinet accents. You can use the cabinet to show off the collection you have.

3. Elegant TV room

 Carrying the concept of open plan, after living room , we will find a TV room. This room designed simply with a neat arrangement. Multi functional furniture selection can also help you maximize storage capacity while saving space.

4. A natural dining room

Give the atmosphere of the dining room feels more natural by using elegant wooden dining tables and chairs. Almost dominated by the basic color of white, you can combine it with green accent decoration to liven up the room.

5. Beautiful green kitchen

Another room filled with green is the kitchen. The kitchen with letter L shape looks functional in a small room. Backsplash walls made attractive with batik patterns that beautify the room.

6. Laundry room near the bathroom

The arrangement of laundry room design near the bathroom, will make a better plumbing system. The bathroom made with a touch of dominance of bright green color that brings the freshness of the eyes.

7. Tropical touch children's room

Not necessarily filled with green, the owner uses bed linen with a beautiful tropical leaf motif. While the walls are made with a beautiful blue color.
 That's 7 green room ideas with refreshing style that can inspire you. I hope the information above is useful to you. Thank you.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : Instagram @susan.shafa

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