7 Plant Shelf Ideas That Are Perfectly Styled

Helloshabby.com --  Small land size, it is no longer a problem to have a beautiful garden. Plants at home hive you many advantages. Plants can beautify the look of the house while proving happiness for you. You can save space by using plant shelves.
So that the house will still feel relieved and become wider. Let's check out the 7 plant shelf ideas that are perfectly styled that you can choose as needed. Take a look!

1.Wall wood shelves


  There are many ways to get around the narrow size of the land. One of them is by using functional wall shelves. Wood materials also make a more natural impression and blend with nature

2.  Round shape plant shelf


 Another way to make the look of the house more attractive is to use unique plant shelves. The model of round shape plant shelves with a combination of wood materials gives a more beautiful look to the garden.

3. Hanging plant shelf ideas


Using hanging plant shelves becomes a smart solution to get around the narrow size of the land. To make it not require a lot of space, you just need to hang it on the roof or canopy of the house. 

4. Modern unique plant shelves


 Make the garden more beautiful by using a unique bike-shaped rack that is beautiful. The touch of white also looks beautiful. This shelf is useful for putting plants more neatly.

5. High-shaped plant racks


Tall shelf looks recommended for those of you have a small garden. The tall model will fit a lot of space. Even if it's small, you'll have a lot of plants.

6. Industrial plant racks


The combination of wood and metal always manages to make the look more elegant. Both of these materials often used in stunning industrial-style homes. Use terracotta pots for a more natural look. 

7. Open plant shelves


The design of the last plant rack made simple with a box shape. The last shelf on plants can accommodate many plants because of their large size. You can combine with other plant shelves for a more plants.

That's the 7 plant shelf ideas that are perfectly styled that can inspire you. From the shelf, where is your favorite plant?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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