Amazing Loft Design Inspirations You'd Love -- Loft interior design has been around since the 1960s-1970s. Loft interior design can make your residence so stylish and charming. You can also maximize the room in vertical way. Additional mezzanine you can use as a place to work, bed or even a library. Loft design is also suitable for those who like an open space feel. We've gathered some inspiration from the contemporary loft designs. For more details, here are Amazing Loft Design Inspirations You'd Love.

Loft interior design for urban living


Interiors with loft and mezzanine designs have become part of the busy and fast-paced urban lifestyle. Open design and maximize space will always be there. The choice of minimalist and industrial nuances in a dark gray color palette and steel elements, make the loft design so modern and stylish. This color palette gives a masculine vibe that bring peace to its residents. 

Minimalist or streamlined style furniture

Maximize the loft design for the small land you have. It's a good idea to use minimalist or streamlined style furniture. The sleek shape of the furniture will make the room more spacious and not take up much space. The eye view will also make the interior have optimal space for movement.  

Natural and freshness elements in the loft

Living in a loft sometimes makes the atmosphere too urban and lonely. Add a natural and fresh element to the loft. You can include some indoor plants in several corners of the room. Moreover, if your loft does not have a balcony, indoor plants in the middle of the room can be a solution to give a more refreshing atmosphere.

Loft or mezzanine design models can also be applied to tiny house interiors. The downstairs area serves as a living room, dining room, and kitchenette. Three different function of space in one area still look good, because the sleek furniture. The upper area is used specifically as a bed. The all-white nuance and the help of skylight will make this loft always bright and looks spacious. 

Loft design in natural brown wood shades like this look so cozy. Vinyl floors, wooden stairs combine beautifully with white paint around it, providing visual comfort to anyone who sees it. The use of glass elements can also help create the feel and look of a more spacious room. 

Small library in a spectacular little loft

For those of you who like to read books, one of your dreams might be to have your own-library at home. A place to store a collection of books or read book comfortably. Instead of making your own-room, take advantage  of the large and open-space loft for your dream library or reading room. 

The aluminum frame design and strong wooden planks can be a loft with your favorite hobby place, not just a place to read, even a place to play music. When events get together, this little loft can be a cool music scene.

Hopefully, those Amazing Loft Design Inspirations You'd Love are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about loft design ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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