7 Purple Kitchen Ideas that Will Cheer You Up

Helloshabby.com -- The kitchen is one room that is liked by mothers. So, the comfort in it needs to be considered properly. One of the things that can give comfort to the kitchen is its appearance. One display that is able to give beauty to the kitchen is with matching shades of purple. Purple, is known for its beautiful appearance and depicts the impression of being expensive and elegant. For those of you who are interested in a purple kitchen, see the following review of 7 Purple Kitchen Ideas that Will Cheer You Up.



Minimalist Design by the Window


This kitchen with purple shades has a plain look on the kitchen set. Its existence, is increasingly felt relieved by its placement adjacent to the window. By maximizing air circulation, of course your kitchen will have extra comfort with no stuffiness in it.



Kitchen Table Elevation Design


With a soft purple look, this beautiful kitchen looks clean with its white kitchen table. A touch of purple, is found in the curtains and also the furniture inside. For different designs, you can use the elevation model to suit your needs. If you like to cook sitting down, you can make the stove table lower than the rest of the table area.



Open Wall Shelf


Having a minimalist size, this kitchen with shades of purple gives a spacious and uncluttered look. The presence of wall shelves can be storage for your kitchen needs without having to disturb more space in the room. You can choose a shelf with an open model to make it easier to find your needs.



Mosaic Motif on Kitchen Backsplash


This purple kitchen design has a simple and neat appearance. The selection of the table, was chosen with black color which was then combined with purple curtains which had a small polka dot motif. In addition to the curtains, beautiful motifs can also be seen in the use of walls with mosaic patterns. This will be advantageous to disguise the stains in the kitchen.



Purple Kitchen Under the Stairs

Rima's kitchen

Maximizing the space well looks at the use of the area under the stairs as this kitchen. Even though it is under the stairs, this kitchen still has a beautiful purple color full of motifs. Unlike the case with a table that uses plain purple, on the backsplash, this kitchen uses a Moroccan motif that combines beautiful purple and white colors. On the walls, the use of a stripe pattern, was chosen to give the kitchen a look that is no less beautiful.


Purple Kitchen with Elongated Design


Having a room that is not too wide, this kitchen makes good use of the elongated size. The purple color used is chosen with a soft tone so that it gives a broad and not boring impression to the room. The selection of walls, with a stripe motif, is used for a varied look in the kitchen.



Minimalist Kitchen with L-shaped Model


The last purple kitchen design, has a minimalist look with a minimalist size too. The purple color, was chosen without a motif in the kitchen set. While the backsplash, is selected with a soft motif, that does not interfere with the appearance of the kitchen. Additional hidden LEDs will make the kitchen look super elegant.





Hopefully, those 7 Purple Kitchen Ideas that Will Cheer You Up. are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about snake plant care. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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