7 Small Living Room Ideas 2022

7 Small Living Room Ideas 2022

Helloshabby.com -- The living room becomes the best place for family gathering until colleagues come. Compared to other rooms, the living room becomes a place to spend some time for all interest in the house. Every year the living room needs a new decoration in order to bring a new style and a warmer atmosphere. Especially in 2022, which is still a little scary year because of the pandemic. Therefore, to refresh the mind, the living room can be one of the solution to the achievement of a newer and charming home decor. Check out the following idea:

Latest living room 2022 with natural furniture


Do not hesitate to add new decorations to the living room by using neutral colors that give rise to a warm atmosphere. Living room furniture with a brown linen sofa is very easy if you combine tropical cushion motifs that are themed. To create an interesting feel from the wall, you can use some decorations such as macrame, rustic-style wall art and others.

Small living room with ornamental plants


Even if the size of the living room in the house is small, it is not a problem. Why don't you try a new decoration with ornamental plants? You can place it in a corner of the room with other decorating accents. Give the illusion of space to be wider with the placement of window and double sheer curtains.

A small modern living room


New style to create a small living room in 2022 you can give a little different decoration. Gray color with modern nuances you can create to stay away from the impression of monotony. Do not hesitate to add new decorations and color textures such as the selection of sofa fabric wrap, carpet to wall molding accents created.

Minimalist living room sectional sofa


Live a new atmosphere in the living room at home without the impression of being boring. Include the perfect tone and selection of decorations of browns shades. For example, for the selection of sectional sofa brown color that you can combine with pale yellow wall paint. No need to add other furniture that will affect the space becomes smaller.

Living room with Bohemian decor


This stylish year room in 2022 uses Bohemian-style interiors. Identical to the touch of textured furniture with colorful and striking selection. Especially in the sofa, carpet to the use of luxurious gold decorations. This living room is enriched in decor with a game of textures, colors and layouts that are perfectly suited to the latest small living room.

Scandinavian-style living room


To spend a lot of time in the living room, a small room has becomes comfortable place and not a problem anymore. Scandinavian style is functional, this area can be a new place equipped with sofa until the selection of stool. Scandinavian style in 2022 is still an option today, functionalizing this room with several cabinets to decorating place such as ornamental plants.


Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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