7 Stylish Small Bathroom Ideas For Your Small House


 Helloshabby.com -- Looking for a small bathroom inspiration? If you have a small bathroom do not need to worry by applying the bathroom design that we will share the following, you will realize the dream home.

The small size of the bathroom turns out to have several advantages. Because of the limited size of the room, the materials used will certainly be reduced, so you will be able to save more. To add to your references, the following are 7 stylish small bathroom ideas for your small house. Let's see the full review below!

1. Use mirror decorations


Using mirror furniture is proven to create a reflection of narrow room looking wider. The bathroom design looks attractive with a combination of mirror decors and beautiful lighting for a more stand out and warm room.

2. Ensure natural lighting comes in


You don't have to be afraid to have a black bathroom that looks dark. Window facilities in the corner of the room, will ensure the room gets maximum natural lighting. That way, the room will look bright throughout the day. 

3. Using functional wall racks


To help save space, you can use wall shelves to store various toiletries. Wood material also adds to the the impression of a more natural bathroom look and blends with nature. 

4. Elegant wood material


 Carrying a natural style, coating the walls with wood materials always managed to make the room warmer. Especially, if you combine it with other earthy tone colors that bring the atmosphere of a small bathroom feel comfortable and relieved.

5. Transparent glass shower box

The use of transparent glass material in the shower box present the impression of a more relieved room, while helping to separate the toilet area to keep it dry. Although small, this bathroom specially designed with a neat arrangement, that the room remains comfortable.

6. Soft pastel color


Want to make a calm atmosphere in the bathroom? Try to use beautiful pastel colors. As a counterweight, use white subway tiles that will make a clean look on a small bathroom.

7. Tropical concept bathroom


Create a small all-white bathroom looks alive with green plant decorations. Not only used for bathing, the bathroom is the perfect place to relax peacefully. Do not forget to present aromatherapy candles to calm the mind.

That's a review of 7 stylish small bathroom ideas for your small house that you can make as a reference. I hope the information above can be useful to you.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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